Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tony Moly Tomatox Brightening Mask

70g, 7800 won

I was attracted by the tomato from first sight!
Tony Moly has a few products in the shape of a fruit ~
Creamy in texture, refreshing, but no tomato scent...
I tried it on my hand but it feels itchy... using it on my face it fine though...
I suggest you try it on a tester first before buying it....
just in case you have any allergic reactions!

Wash and dry your face
Put a thick layer of tomato mask on for ~15 mins
Use a tissue to wipe it off, no need to wash
You will see immediate results which can last 1-2 days
I suggest you use it a few hours before any big important dates.

Since it contains oxygen, it creates an immediate whitening effect
When I applied it onto my face, I feel some kind of reaction (like oxygen bubbles) penetrating into my skin 
It is a big itchy....
It contains red particles that look like strawberry seeds
If you press a bit harder, the red particles will melt
so far I am not so sure what they are for
In conclusion, this mask provides emergency whitening effects

If you want whitening effects long term, you need to use whitening products every day

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