Sunday, March 24, 2013

Innisfree Real Olive Hand Mask

This was a Gift with Purchase when you spend 30,000 won
This is so far the 10th item I have tried in this line.
I am in LOVE with the Innisfree Olive Line !! 

Th hand glove mask is made with non-woven fabric which effectively locks water moisture to your skin and at the same time, enable your skin to breathe.

First, wash and dry your hands, put on the non-woven hand mask just like how you would put on gloves.
Make sure your skin is in contact with the mask, cause the size of the glove is quite big, so there may be  spaces in between.
Put on the plastic gloves so the essence from the hand mask wouldn't evaporate
Wait ~15 mins and meanwhile you can watch TV =)
My hands feel moisturized afterwards!
It can last for 1-3 days

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