Sunday, September 30, 2012

Skinfood Oat Cinnamon Rich Foam

130mL, 7200 won, 420 NT

Skinfood Oat Cinnamon Rich Foam is only available in Korea and Taiwan, not available in Hong Kong.

Contains wheat seed, helps to exfoliate but not irritate your skin. Since there's not a lot of seed, it works as a gentle exfoliator and can be used everyday.
Rich soft foams are more suitable for dry skin, but it cleanses very well on me (I have normal to oily skin). It feels so soft and fresh afterwards!
The foam is soft and silky, easy to foam up, cleanses well and yet still keeps your skin moisturized. I feel that every single one of my pores is clean.
I personally don't like cinnamon, but the smell in this foam is light.

The price is great, but I'll probably try some other Skinfood cleansing products next time. Skinfood has so so so many different products.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

THE FACE SHOP Aqua Drop Sleeping Pack

70 mL, 3300 won 

I bought this from THE FACE SHOP cause I was attracted to the words "aqua drop"
I thought it was nothing special, but just a sleeping mask
When I squeezed it out, the mask was a half transparent mixture, a little bit cool....
it should be some very special mask!!

wahaha~~!! I was right!!!!~~
If you pat it on your skin, you'll see water drops!!! 
I love water drop products~~
This is such a special sleeping pack~
so from now on when I sleep, my skin can keep "drinking" water too!!

1 tube only contains 70 mL... I used it a few times and there's only half a tube left.... 
Next time I go to Korea I have to buy a few more ~~~

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Laneige White Plus Renew Night Cream

50 mL, ~40000 won

This is one of my favourite night creams !!
Most night creams I've used are thick with rich moisture.. a bit too rich for me..

The Laneige White Plus Renew Night Cream contains sugar maple and white birch ingredients to recover the skin surface keratin layer and turns dull skin into brightened skin.
The night cream contains more water moisture, smooth and silky feeling, not as thick and quite easy to absorb
When I wake up the next morning, I don't feel greasy !
According to the texture, it is best suitable for normal to dry skin...

How come we need to use whitening products at night... don't we just need it during the day?
From 10pm - 2am each night when you are asleep, your skin undergoes the repairing process...
During this time, if you use a strong whitening product (such as whitening essence + intensive whitening cream), it will show the strongest effect ! 
You can also use other products at the time as well, such as  wrinkles or anti-aging 
so lazy people... you must remember to put something on at night before you go to bed!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Laneige White Plus Renew Essence

40 mL, 40000-45000 won

The essence is the most important product in the whitening line !!
You really can't skip this step if you want really good whitening effects ~~
It contains strong whitening ingredients, together with the 3-stage melanin blocking effect makes your skin look brightened and transparent. 

Ingredients include:
satsuma peel extracts - achieve more clarified look with the inner skin detox
marshmallow extracts - deliver skin nutrients and recover skin flexibility effect

The texture is smooth, creamy and absorbs fast!
Since I have combination to oily skin, I find the essence quite moisturizing... 
I don't really wanna put anything more above this layer... 

The essence is contained in a plastic pump bottle, easy and clean to use.
Only 1 pump is needed for your face ~

I notice an immediate slight change in my skin tone after I applied it on...
My skin looks less dull and more brightened
I would probably get it again, but it's quite expensive....

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Laneige White Plus Renew Skin Refiner

120 mL, ~22000-25000 won

I kept talking about different kinds of whitening and hydrating products for the past month.
That's because during the summer time, these 2 products became increasingly popular!!
Hydrating and whitening are the main concerns for girls~~

Many people think that after using whitening products for a day, you'll immediately see results... 
Usually you need to use it for 2-3 days in order to see results...  

so.... should you use it day? or night?
well... you need to use it BOTH day AND night!!
In the morning, whitening products help protect your skin from getting a tan and preventing UV rays from harming your skin. 
In the night time, whitening products help repair your skin.

so.... can I just use 1 whitening product to achieve the whitening effect??
If you want the BEST result, of course you should buy the whole line home... 
But if you don't want to spend too much money, then just target on the main products
such as essence, lotion/ cream, mask, UV protector/ sunscreen

Other products such as whitening face wash, toner, eye cream are just secondary whitening products that doesn't do any or much whitening to your skin.

However, when using whitening products during the day, YOU MUST USE A SUNSCREEN!
Otherwise, after your applied whitening products and the sun shines onto your face, it will have the exact opposite result!! blackening your skin... 

The toner is contained in a light blue, heavy glass bottle.
Texture is thick, like a water gel and has excellent hydration effects!!
Whitening effect is not quite noticeable.... 
If you pour the toner onto a cotton pad and rub it on your skin, it'll take off dead skin cells and improve skin discoloration. Amino-acid peeling ingredients remove makeup residue and impurities.
Best suitable for people who live in a cold area (such as North America) or work in an air-conditioning environment.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

100 mL, 12000 won

Ingredients include: Lahar (volcano pore clay), green tea essence, spring water 

This series aims for skin problems like... 
- black heads
- clogged pores
- uneven skin tone

Volcano pore clay can effectively deep cleanse pores, sucks up the impurities, evens skin tone, improves skin quality, reduce pores and control sebum on your face.

I am super oily on my T-zone, so I need to deep cleanse ~2x/week
creamy texture, chocolate mousse color, just like the color of BB cream
easy to spread and sticks to your face very easily
This is the finest deep cleansing mask I've ever used!!
Just apply a thin later to your face, wait 10 mins and you can wash it off!!

In the past, some of the deep cleansing masks I have tried gives my skin a tight feeling!!
When the masks is dried, it breaks.... then my skin gets dry....
I really like this Volcanic Pore Clay mask!!
My skin feels so clean, soft, no dried and my skin tone becomes better!!
The only thing I have some concerns about is the packaging....
I am scared if I open the jar too much, the mask will get dried easily..
I prefer a tube packaging more.... 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Innisfree 7 Herbs Whitening Hand Cream

60 mL, ~5000-6000 won

This is the first time I saw a hand cream that has whitening effects. The texture was a little bit lighter than a cream, but rather sticky... 

Ingredients include Peppermint, Primula, Mallow, Lady's mantle, Speedwell herb, Balm mint and Yallow. Arbutin brightens dull skin and reduces the appearance of dark spots. These ingredients provides triple effect to whiten, moisturise and hydrate your skin!  

herbal scent was strong... I couldn't stand using it until I see some whitening effect.... please RIP in my drawer ha ha


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