Monday, May 27, 2013

H2O Eye Oasis Moisture Replenishing Treatment

Eye Oasis™ Moisture Replenishing Treatment

15 mL ($24 USD, $34 CDN)

Ingredients﹕ Sea Fennel, Provitamin B, Vitamin A, Zea Mays Extract, Wakame, Vitamin E, Sea Lettuce

Hydration around the eye areas is extremely important!

Having enough hydration keeps fine lines away!
Just using the Eye Oasis by itself is not enough for me...
so I use it as a base and follow with another eye cream on top..
such as one for whitening or anti-aging/ fine lines
as long as it's not too thick, otherwise I will break out

Just like the H2O Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment, you can use it as a mask as well!

Apply a thick layer around the eye area, wait 10 mins and wipe off with a tissue
Using it as a mask prior to make-up helps your make up stay on your face better!!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

H2O Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment

50 mL ($34 USD, $48 CDN)

Ingredients﹕ Sea Mineral Complex, Sea Fennel, Lavender, Vitamin C, Wakame, Vitamin A, Sea Lettuce, Provitamin B

When this product first launched, it's a big hit in Asia, also known as "8 cups of water" for your face.
Suitable for any type of skin.

Two uses:
1. as a moisturizer - apply directly on your face after toner and serum
2. as a hydration mask - wash & dry your face, apply a thick layer on your skin, wait 5-10 mins and wipe off with a tissue

For those who have dry skin, this provides perfect hydration! 
If you find it not moisturizing enough, you can use it as a base and apply another layer of moisturizer on top.  However, for the 2nd layer, you don't want to apply something thick...
I have normal to oily skin and find this a bit sticky.. so I prefer to use it as a hydration mask.

H2O does have a Face oasis Shine-Neutralizing Gel just for oily skin 
The price is way cheaper in the States =)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dermal Bee Venom Relaxing Cream

50 mL, price varies depending on where you get it, ~$15-25 USD

I bought this awhile back on HK Yahoo Auction ($120 HKD), used it for a few months ago before I write this review.
The product was so popular in Korea that I had to go through other channels to get it.
You are to use Syn-ake products in the morning and Bee venom products at night time.
Ingredients include royal jelly and hyaluronic acid to provide a high level of moisture, aloe for soothing effect.

What does bee venom do??
- revitalizes and renews your skin, giving a naturally younger looking skin
- visibly improve skin tone and elasticity
- works by gently stinging the skin with proteins derived from bee venom, the skin reacts as if it has been stung, tricks the skin to produces elastin and collagen which are necessary to product youthful looking skin, relaxes muscles that cause wrinkles

Bee venom products are a natural alternative to botox, requires no needles, painless and affordable.
You can make natural facial expressions, whereas botox treatments tend to make the face look unnatural and frozen.

The texture is not as thin as the Dermal Syn-ake High Lifting Cream 
It feels a little bit thicker, hence it's more suitable for night time 
serum + moisturizer works best if you want to see results

I am quite happy with the product so far!
I do not have deep wrinkles since I am not old enough to get them yet...
but I think this product works quite well in reducing fine lines

Dermal also has Bee Venom sheet masks which costs ~$0.50 USD each!! 
I will review them later on~

Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's Skin Power 10 Formula Propolis

30mL, 11800 won

Propolis are brownish, sticky material collected by bees for the building of their hives.
Rich in nutrients, it is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient used in cosmetics to strengthen and brighten dull skin and tighten pores.

The serum is quite watery, cloudy, clear and opague.
It's a little thicker than the It's Skin Power 10 Formula Syn-ake serum
Absorbs quickly into the deeper layers to prevent damages from forming in your skin!
According to the description, it should repair, moisturize, protects and whiten the skin.

It does provide an adequate amount of hydration for normal to oily skin.. but it probably wouldn't be moisturizing enough for those with dry skin...
I haven't used it long enough to see any whitening effects..
More suitable for acne or troubled skin.
Use 2-3 drops after applying toner and spread it on your face and neck.
Follow with Dermal Bee Venom Relaxing Cream

During the day time, use Syn-ake products.
At night time, use Bee Venom products.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Dermal Syn-ake High Lifting Cream

50mL, $15-25 USD, price varies depending on where you buy it 

I wasn't able to find this product online in Korea anywhere... cause it was so popular...

I ended up buying this on HK Yahoo Auction for $120 HKD and had the seller mail it to Canada...

As mentioned before in my previous post, Syn-ake is a peptide with chemical structure similar to snake venom. It contains Waglerin-1 protein, which causes your skin muscles to tighten. 
Imagine if you get bitten by a snake, your muscles will tighten... this is a similar effect, except the dosage/ volume has been managed in the lab before we apply it onto our skin. 
This gives the same effect as botox, which soothes fine lines... 

Some articles indicated that after 28 days of using syn-ake products, wrinkles reduce by 52%, radiance increases by 36%!! Amazing number eh?

It is high in proteins, improves firmness, supplies nutrients, hydrates and moisturizes your skin.
Adenosine soothes wrinkles and fine lines.

The cream is white, surprisingly it's not thick at all, in fact it's light, spreads easily and absorbs fast.
My skin is normal to oily, so I tend to stay away from heavy cream in the day time.
But this one is just.. AMAZING!!
Besides applying the product to your face, don't forgot your neck, cause it has a lot of fine lines too!!

Use this cream after It's Skin Power 10 Formula Syn-ake

Friday, May 10, 2013

It's Skin Power 10 Formula Syn-ake

30 mL, 11800 won

The first time I heard about using venom for skincare, I was totally shocked!!
The Koreans had turned snake and bee venom into skincare...
snakes are... poison.. aren't they??
putting their venom on your face is... creepy!!!

Anyways... I ended up trying it cause someone was telling me how awesome it was!!

it's like.. using botox on the face, but without an injection!
after some time of absorbing the new technology... why not?? let's give it a shot!!

Instead of having the creepy word "Snake" as part of the product names, they use "Syn-ake"
Syn-ake is a peptide with chemical structure similar to snake venom
It is high in proteins, improves firmness, supplies nutrients, hydrates and moisturizes your skin.
Adenosine soothes wrinkles and fine lines.

What makes Syn-ake products so different from other wrinkle products?

Syn-ake prevents muscles from tightening to form fine lines... 

After toner, use 2-3 drops and spread on your entire face and neck.

The smell is just like any other serum, don't worry it doesn't have any smell close to snakes..!!
Milky white but opague, light in texture and easy to spread.
It actually works quite well, I do notice my skin turned better.
Fine lines were gone and my skin looked younger too!

You should only use Syn-ake products in the morning.

At night time, use Bee Venom products.

After using this serum, follow with Dermal Syn-ake High Lifting Cream

I will definitely keep buying this product!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

UGBang Sleeping Pack

50g, 33000 won

According to Asians, this brand is one of the must buy brands in Korea... 
Every single product in this brand consists of ginseng, which can increase blood circulation, repair damaged skin and improves dark eye circles. 

Ingredients: Arbutin, Red Ginseng extracts, natural herb extracts, green tea 

First clean and dry your face, apply toner and follow with a thick layer of UGBang Sleeping Pack before you go to bed. 
The next day you wake up, wash with warm water. Use 2x/week.

Not only it helps to repair, it also helps to relax your skin and let it rest after a long tired day...
The sleeping mask provides a lot of hydration and gives your skin a nice SPA!!

It has a heavy red ginseng scent but it makes your skin soft and fully hydrated!!
It feels like as if my skin drank water for a whole night!! 
After using it, your make up will stick to your face very well!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

UGBang Aqua Cream

50g, 33000 won

Milky white aqua cream that contains red ginseng extracts. Compared to the Peeling Gel, this one has a much stronger ginseng scent!! Provides intense hydration and according to the description, should brighten dull skin ~

This is a water drop cream, non greasy, thin in texture. 
Take a bit and pat it on DRY skin, you will see the water drops! 
The water drop concept is very popular in Korea! 
The Aqua Cream helps to turn dry skin into hydrated skin, improves bottom layers of your skin, brings firmness, and recovers radiance. 

Once i was in a rush, so right after I apply the Aqua Cream, I put BB cream on my face.. 
man.. the 2 can't mix together!! 
It's just like I am applying watery BB cream...
so I suggest to wait 2 mins until the cream is dry to apply your make up

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

UGBang Peeling Gel

100mL, 33000 won

My friend bought this for me from Charm & Charm (duty free) 

How to get there....
Take the subway and get off at station 238, take exit #2 then walk straight. You will see a big bowling ball, keep walking straight until you hit the intersection. There are 2 buildings across, Hotel 7 KB, do not cross, turn left and keep walking straight (there's a Family Mart on the left), on the way there's a shop that sells Red Ginseng. You will see Charm & Charm from there. Takes 5-10 mins.

UGBang stands for Unlimited Ginseng Benefit

Ingredients: Red ginseng, royal jelly, aloe, vitamins & minerals

You must apply this product on dry skin, not wet skin!
Take about 2-3 pumps and massage with your fingers onto your face for ~2 mins

You will see white eraser bits, they "erase" or remove your dead skins
If eraser bits become grey, that means your face is quite dirty.. and you do need to work hard on keeping your skin in shape!!

Remember to exfoliate a little longer on your T-zone and nose, places where blackheads grow

Wash with warm water, eraser bits will melt right away.
Your skin will feel soft and clean but not dry!!  
Follow with skincare. 
Recommend 2-3x/week.

Although it contains ginseng, but the scent isn't strong at all
You don't really see scrubs in Korea brands anymore.. cause scrubs are to go into your pores and dig the impurities out... but isn't good for your skin...
Lots of Korea brands switch to the "eraser" concept~~


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