Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Innisfree White Tone Up Lotion

160 mL, 16000 won

Some whitening products are found with mercury, a chemical that can lighten skin tone
But Korea products uses natural whitening ingredients
Innisfree White Tone Up Lotion contains Mulberry, Blueberry, Acai Berry 

Mulberry -- contains Arbutin, prevent melanin from forming
Blueberry -- contains anti-oxidant, anti-aging effects, retrieves firmness and soothes skin
Acai Berry -- a fruit that contains rich anti-oxidant particles, anti-inflammatory, stimulates cell growth, locks collagen to your skin, also good for sensitive skin
There's a light lemon scent, but this is added.  Texture is light, not heavy at all! Suitable for the summer time, day and night. But for those who have dry skin, this might not be moisturising enough. 

This product has 7 no's...
No paraben
No artificial fragrance
No artificial colors
No mineral oil
No ethnol
No animal ingredients
No benzophenone

It's a 100% pure natural product, so it's good for all skin types. It absorbs fast and non-greasy.

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