Monday, August 25, 2014

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream

이니스프리 그린티 밸런싱 크림
50mL, 15000 won

This natural green tea series uses 100% pure green tea water, contains high water moisture. 


Herbal extracts - hydration
Chamomile - reduces redness and irritation
Mint - protection  
Lavender - calms and relieves your skin
Catechin - anti-oxidizes, sanitizes and soothes sensitive skin
Most creams are thick, even the gel creams I have tried are thick for me 
But this one is ok, the texture is light and I don't find it greasy 

The anti-oxidant effect in green tea is 20x that of Vitamin E. 
Suitable to be used at night and during the summer time.
Green tea helps protect your skin against environmental damages such as UV rays.
Green tea also contains a rich supply of Catechin and Vitamin C.
Fast absorbing, refreshing and locks moisture to your skin.

After trying the toner, lotion, essence and cream from the Green Tea line, I have to say the series is great! I love using something light and not greasy, just that the smell is too perfumy... 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

80ml, 22000won

Green Tea contains anti-oxidants which helps protect your skin against pollution.
Ingredients include herbal extracts and natural green tea, smells refreshing~

Green tea extracts suck water like a sponge, locks moisture to your skin, so down from the bottom to top, your skin will feel fully hydrated!!!

The essence is smooth in texture, fast absorbing, light, non-greasy, super hydrating and doesn't give me breakouts. However, after a few hours, oil forms on my skin... so I start to use it only at night. It helps stimulate your cells and replenishes your skin.  For sensitive skin, this can also be used to reduce redness.

Most suitable for the summer time since it contained so much water moisture.
It can be used day and night

Except for the smell, I love everything else about this essence ~~

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Lotion

이니스프리 그린티 밸런싱 로션
140ml, 12000 won

Suitable for normal combination skin.

Contains 87% pure green tea extracts, can penetrate into the surface of your skin and deliver water moisture to the bottom layer. It feels light in texture, super fast to absorb, leaving your skin hydrated at all times.

white opague color, light and thin in texture~

It forms a thin protective layer on your skin, does not leave a greasy feeling, feels fresh, but the smell is again a bit too strong... doesn't smell like green tea at all... rather perfumy... I feel like putting a perfume lotion on my face! I like to use skincare with a light scent, but hey... this is too much!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin

이니스프리 그린티 밸런싱 스킨

140 mL, 12000 won

I tried a few tea products but they never smell like tea... include this one.. 
The Green Tea Pure Skin smells like the Etude House Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling, kind of perfumey.... probably even stronger, but no green tea smell at all... 
It got to a point that I find the scent too strong....

Most toners are watery... but this one is like a clear gel
It feels so hydrating and refreshing, absorbs super quickly
My face is fully hydrated, feels like I just applied a light face gel ~
Suitable to be used during the summer time. Not moisturizing enough for the winter or those that live in cold and dry area... like me... I won't use it during the winter for sure =)
During the summer, you can try putting it in the fridge to make it cooler. After a day of sunshine, use it and it feels so cool on your face~

The Innisfree Green Tea Line consists of skincare for 3 skin types (dry, normal/ combination and oil)

Dry skin:
Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Skin
Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Essence
Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Cream

Normal/ Combination skin:
Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin
Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Lotion
Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream

Oil skin:
Innisfree Green Tea Fresh Skin 
Innisfree Green Tea Fresh Essence
Innisfree Green Tea Fresh Lotion
Innisfree Green Tea Fresh Cream

For all skin types:
Innisfree Green Tea Pure Powder Wash
Innisfree Pure Cleansing Foam
Innisfree Pure Cleansing Oil
Innisfree Pure Cleansing Water
Innisfree Mineral Cleansing Bar

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum
Innisfree Green Tea Seed Oil
Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream
Innisfree Green Tea Seed Deep Cream
Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye Cream

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask 
Innisfree Sleeping Pack

Innisfree Pure Gel Hand Cream
Innisfree Mineral Mist
Innisfree Eco Natural Green Tea BB Cream

For Body:
Innisfree Pure Body Cleanser
Innisfree Pure Body Lotion
Innisfree Pure Body Gel Scrub

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Skinfood Fresh Cabbage Hair Pack

200g, 6000 won

I had been so busy that I haven't updated my blog for several months !!!

Ever since the summer is here, I noticed my hair being more greasy than usual... 

The Skinfood Fresh Cabbage Hair Pack is only available in Korea and not available in Hong Kong or Taiwan.

It looks like noodles ha ha, but hey it's a hair mask!! The hole in the tube is so small.... I had to squeeze hard and for like 10 secs in order to get this much...

This is a refreshing hair mask suitable for oily/damaged hair. Cabbage can help control excess oil in your hair scalp.

My hair..... is quite oily... I did de-ionization (straightening) and then I did perming... so my hair is heavily damaged... this mask is really refreshing, good for the summer, but it's not moisturizing enough for my damaged hair... I need a super rich hair mask so my hair doesn't break easily...

After shampoo, dry your hair, massage the hair pack onto your hair, wait 5 mins and rinse with warm water.

Skinfood has 2 hair mask, the other one (Moisture Egg Hair Pack) is much more moisturizing~ I will review this one shortly !


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