Monday, August 13, 2012

Missha Time Revolution White Cure Science Blanc

50 mL, 45000 won

Ingredients: Fullerenes, DN-Aid, Aquaphyline, White-Cure

This has dual function, whitening and sun protecting
I've tried a lot of whitening essence, most of them are thick and greasy....
not easy to absorb, feels sticky and... heavy!!
Missha's whitening line is totally not the same!!
It feels sooo good!!

It is quite expensive... but you pay for what you get ~~
Out of the whole MIssha whitening line, this is the product I loved the most!
The essence is the most important whitening product in the line!
This is a MUST have ~~
It helps improve and brighten dull skin and prevent melanin from forming

It uses the pump design, which is convenient and clean !
White, light cream texture, non greasy
I've been using it for ~1 month, my previous acne marks have lightened a lot!!
I use it at night with a whitening night cream on top
Our skin goes through the repairing process from 12-2am
so using intensive whitening skincare during this time can gives the best result

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