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Korea Discount Coupons (cosmetics) - Innisfree, Skinfood, Etude House, Missha, Holika Holika, Tony Moly, It's Skin, Laneige, THE FACE SHOP, Skin79, Nature Republic, Skylake, The Saem, Airport Limousine

Last updated: March 5, 2013

I finally updated all the coupons, sorry the ones from before didn't work... I have spent a long time updating this page, so if you would like to use the contents, kindly refer this link to your website.

Some coupons might have expired by the time you click them, but the server will update a new one later. There are multiples coupon links for the same store location, just use Ctrl+F to look for the store.

For some brands, you will see a few links underneath, that's because they have 1 coupon for a few stores, but they decide to put it under each store... I put all the links there just in case one of them doesn't work

Coupon sources:


1.) Konest coupons usually have the following above a map, I suggest you to print the following out, so the salespeople can see which store, address and phone # and the offer/promotion, no need to print the map...

2.) If you can't find Seoulnavi coupons after clicking on the links, click this button, it'll take you to the coupon page.

3.) If your computer can't detect Korean or it shows blank squares, please do one of the following....
     - change your browser's character encoding to Unicode or Korean
     - go to www.njstar.com and download their Njstar Communicator
   ** if you still can't print it, please go find another computer and printer **

Please DON'T leave a comment asking the following.....
- if I can't print in color, then what ?
- if I can't print the words in the background, then what?
- if I can only print in black and white, then what?

** I am not the salesperson.. accepting the coupon or not is very subjective.. if you are worried the salespeople won't take your coupon, please print from a healthy colour printer **

4.) If a coupon link doesn't work and you have the one that works, kindly leave a comment with the link that works.

Coupon Zone!!


1. Missha 
a. Promotion: 10% discount + 2 free mask sheets
Location: Myeongdong Store #1
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_10.asp

b. Location: Myeongdong Store #2
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_10_02.asp

c. Location: Myeongdong Store #3
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_10_03.asp

d. Location: Dongdaemun Store
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_10_06.asp

e. Location: Gyeongbokgung Store
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_10_08.asp

2. Etude House  

Promotion: 5% off (spend over 50,000 won), 10% off (spend over 100,000 won)
Location: Insadong Store 
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_22.asp

3. Innisfree
Promotion: 10% off + free mask sheet
Location: Myeongdong Store #1
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_16.asp

4. Tony Moly 
Promotion:  5% off (spend over 50,000 won)
Location: Myeongdong Store #1
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_09.asp

Location: Myeongdong Store #2
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_09_02.asp

5. Nature Republic 
Promotion: 5% off (spend over 50,000 won), 10% off (spend over 100,000 won)
Location: Myeongdong World, Myeongdong Star, Myeongdong UNESCO, Myeongdong Jungang, Myeongdong Store #1, Myeongdong Chungmuro, Dongdaemun, Apgujeong, Insa-dong
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_39.asp#

Promotion:  5% off (spend over 50,000 won), 10% off (spend over 100,000 won)
Location: Myeongdong Store #1
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_07.asp

Location: Myeongdong Store #2
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_07_02.asp

Location: Myeongdong Store #3
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_07_03.asp

Location: Myeongdong Store #4
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_07_04.asp

Location: Myeongdong Store #5
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_07_05.asp

Location: Dongdaemun
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_07_06.asp

Location: Insadong
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_07_08.asp

7. Skylake 
Promotion: 10% discount + free herbal tea
Location: 2F Ssamziegil, 38 Gwanhun-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_30.asp

8. It's Skin 
Promotion: 5% off (spend over 50,000 won), 10% off (spend over 100,000 won)
Location: Dongdaemun, Doota, Myeongdong UNESCO, Ehwa Women's University, Insadong, Jeongnam Shoping Myeongdong, Jongno
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_37.asp

9. Banila Co. 
Promotion: 10% discount
Location: Myeongdong Store
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_40.asp

10. su:m37
Promotion: free sample
Location: Lotte Duty Free 
Link:  http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_47.asp

11. Lotte Duty Free
Promotion: 5-10% off (LV, Chanel, Cartier and etc.. ) are excluded, additional 5% discount durig promotional events (discount cannot exceed 30%)

Location: Main Branch
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_33.asp

Location: Lotte World Branch
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_33_02.asp

Location: COEX Mall
Link: http://english.visitkoreayear.com/english/benefit/benefit_06_01_01_33_03.asp


12. Dream Cosme  
Promotion: 5-30% discount
Location: Myeongdong Store (明洞店)
Link: http://www.seoulnavi.com/shop/2258/

13. It's Skin
Promotion: 10% discount + free poster
Location: Myeongdong Store (明洞店)
Link: http://www.seoulnavi.com/shop/2470/
Website: http://itsskin.co.kr/

14. Primera  
Promotion: 10% discount + free samples
Location: Myeongdong Store (明洞店)
Link: http://www.seoulnavi.com/shop/2797/
Website: http://primera.co.kr/index.jsp

15. Skylake  
Promotion: 5% discount
Location: Insadong store (仁寺洞)
Link: http://www.seoulnavi.com/shop/2650/
Website: http://www.sky-lake.co.kr/Main/Main.php

16. Serazena  
Promotion: 5% discount if over 30,000 won, 10% discount if over 50,000 won
Location: Myeongdong Store (明洞店)
Link: http://www.seoulnavi.com/shop/2769/

17. Tank 21  
Promotion: 5-20% discount
Location: Myeongdong Store (明洞店)
Link: http://www.seoulnavi.com/shop/667/

18. Tony Moly  
Promotion: 5% discount + free mask sheet
Location: Myeongdong Store #1 (明洞 1 號店)
Link: http://www.seoulnavi.com/shop/2260/
Website: www.etonymoly.com


19. Aritaum
Promotion: 10% discount
Location:  Myeongdong Main Store, Chungmuro Store, Myeongdong Chungmuro Store #2
Link: http://www.konest.com/contents/shop_mise_map.html?id=2501

20. Beauty Credit
Promotion:   5% discount
Location: Myeongdong (明洞店)
Link: http://www.konest.com/contents/shop_mise_map.html?id=3063

21. Belief
Promotion: 2 Belief original sticker sheets, 3 basic samples, mini lip balm
Link: http://www.konest.com/contents/shop_mise_map.html?id=4779

22. Cell Fusion
Promotion: 10% discount if over 50,000 won
Location: CMS Lotte Duty Free (CMS 樂天免稅店)
Link:  http://www.konest.com/contents/shop_mise_map.html?id=4875

23. CLIO
Promotion: 5% discount if buy $30 USD or more + lip & lip balm 20mL gift
Location:  Lotte Duty Free (樂天免稅店)
Link:  http://www.konest.com/contents/shop_mise_map.html?id=5042

24. Ddobyul Cosmetics
Promotion:  5% off when pay in cash + free samples
Link:  http://www.konest.com/contents/shop_mise_map.html?id=4775

25. Dream Cosme
Promotion:  5-30% discount
Location: Myeongdong Store (明洞店)
Link: http://www.konest.com/contents/shop_mise_map.html?id=2718

26. Holika Holika
Promotion:  20% discount (cannot be combined with other offers)
Location:  Myeongdong Store #1, 2, 5  (明洞 1,2,5 號店)
Link: http://www.konest.com/contents/shop_mise_map.html?id=3373

27. It's Skin
Promotion: 2PM poster if over 10,000 won 5% discount if spend over 50,000 won, 10% if over 100,000 won, free EMS to hotel or China/Japan if over 300,000 won
Location: Myeongdong Store #1 (明洞 1 號店)
Link:  http://www.konest.com/contents/shop_mise_map.html?id=5312

28. It's Skin
Promotion:  10% off, if buy 200,000 won, free EMS to Japan, if during sales time then 300,000 won
Location: Jong-ro Store (鍾路店)
Link:  http://www.konest.com/contents/shop_mise_map.html?id=2653

29. Jill Stuart
Promotion: spend over $40 USD, FREE pouch
Location: Lotte Duty Free (樂天免稅店)
Link:  http://www.konest.com/contents/shop_mise_map.html?id=4979  

30. Jill Stuart
Promotion: spend over $40 USD, FREE pouch + FREE make over
Location:  Lotte Duty Free (樂天免稅店)
Link:  http://www.konest.com/contents/shop_mise_map.html?id=5101

31. Nature Republic
Promotion: various gifts and samples regardless of purchase
Location:  World Shop 1st-2nd floor, Myeong-dong Store #1, Myeongdong Star Shop, Myeongdong UNESCO shop, Myeongdong Central Store, Insadong store, Apgujeong store, Namdaemun store, Namsan Tower Store (明洞1號店、明洞 star 店、明洞 UNESCO店、明洞中央店、仁寺洞店、狎鴎亭店、南大門店、南山塔店)
Link: http://www.konest.com/contents/shop_mise_map.html?id=2985
Website: http://www.naturerepublic.co.kr/

32. Orbis
Promotion: buy 30,000 won, FREE mini size cleansing liquid
Location:   Noon Square, Times Square 
Link:  http://www.konest.com/contents/shop_mise_map.html?id=2451
Website: www.orbis.co.kr

33. Skin79
Promotion: spend 30,000 won, FREE 1 set of 4 BB cream
Location:  Doota (shopping mall) in Dongdaemon (東大門的 Doota)
Link:  http://www.konest.com/contents/shop_mise_map.html?id=2200
Website: www.skin79.com

34. Skinfood

Promotion: buy 30,000 won, FREE cosmetic bag
Location: Namdaemon (南大門)
Link: http://www.konest.com/contents/shop_mise_map.html?id=5105
Website: http://www.theskinfood.com/

35. Skylake
Promotion: 5% discount if spend over 50,000 won
Location: サムジキル店
Link:  http://www.konest.com/contents/shop_mise_map.html?id=4841
Website: http://www.sky-lake.co.kr/Main/Main.php

36. Tony Moly
Promotion: 5% off + 1 mask sheet
Location: Myeongdong Store #1, 3, 5 (明洞 1,3,5 號店)
Link: http://www.konest.com/contents/shop_mise_map.html?id=4353
Website: www.etonymoly.com

37. Tony Moly
Promotion:  5% discount
** if buy EGF, Snail, Syn-ake mask sheets:  buy 30 pc, FREE (5 pc same + 7 pc different mask sheets) + gifts
** buy 20 pc, FREE  (3 pc same + 5 pc different mask sheets) + gifts
** buy 15 pc, FREE  (2 pc same + 3 pc different mask sheets) + gifts
** spent over 140,000 won, FREE cosmetic bag
** spent over 500,000 won, FREE suitcase (size is not mentioned)
Location: Myeongdong Store #2, Namdaemon, (明洞2號店、南大門店、弘大店、濟州店)
Link:  http://www.konest.com/contents/shop_mise_map.html?id=3917
Website: www.etonymoly.com


38. It's Skin
Promotion: 5% discount if spend over 50,000 won, 10% if over 100,000 won, free EMS to hotel or China if over 300,000 won
Location: Myeongdong Store #1 (明洞 1 號店)
Link:  http://cn.konest.com/contents/shop_map.html?id=5312

39. Lotte Duty Free
Promotion: 5-10% discount
Location:  Incheon Airport  (仁川機場)
** except Chanel, Cartier, Hermes, Bvlgari
Link:  http://cn.konest.com/contents/shop_map.html?id=2507

40. Nature Republic
Promotion: 5% discount if buy over 50,000 won, 10% discount if buy over 100,000 won + poster/ samples
Location:  Myeongdong Store #1, main store (明洞 1 號店, 明洞中央店)
Link: http://cn.konest.com/contents/shop_map.html?id=2915
Website: http://www.naturerepublic.co.kr/

41. Skinfood
Promotion: spend over 30,000 won, FREE cosmetic bag
Location: Namdaemon (南大門)
Link: http://cn.konest.com/contents/shop_map.html?id=5105

42. Tony Moly
Promotion:  5% discount
** if buy EGF, Snail, Syn-ake mask sheets:  buy 30 pc, FREE (5 pc same + 7 pc different mask sheets) + gifts
** buy 20 pc, FREE  (3 pc same + 5 pc different mask sheets) + gifts
** buy 15 pc, FREE  (2 pc same + 3 pc different mask sheets) + gifts
** spent over 140,000 won, FREE cosmetic bag
** spent over 500,000 won, FREE suitcase (size is not mentioned)
Location: Myeongdong Store #2, Namdaemon, (明洞2號店、南大門店、弘大店、濟州店)
Link:  http://cn.konest.com/contents/shop_map.html?id=3917

43. Tony Moly
Promotion:  5% discount + free sheet mask
Location: Myeongdong Store #1, 3, 5 (明洞 1,3,5 號店)
Link:  http://cn.konest.com/contents/shop_map.html?id=1459

44. The Shilla Duty Free
Promotion: 5-10% discount + free platinum membership
Location: Seoul store (首爾店)
Link:  http://cn.konest.com/contents/shop_map.html?id=247


45. Aritaum
Promotion:  10% discount + free mask sheet
Location:  Myeongdong Store #3 (明洞 3 號店)
Link:  http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=327

46. Aritaum
Promotion:  10% discount + FREE mask sheet
Location:  明洞直營店
Link:   http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=325

47. Aritaum
Promotion: 10% discount + free mask sheet 
Location: Myeongdong Chungmuro Store (明洞忠武路店)

48. Banila Co.
Promotion: 10% discount 
Location: Myeongdong Store (明洞店)
Link:  http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=346

49. Beautiplex (Aclass)
Promotion: 5-20% discount
Location:  Myeongdong Store (明洞店)
Link:  http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=43

50. Belif
Promotion: 10mL of "The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb"
Location: Apgujeong store (狎鴎亭店) or Caro Skill Flagship Store
Link: http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=348

Promotion:10% discount, if buy more than 50,000 won, make up touch up, if buy more than 100,000 won, full make up service 
Location:  Myeongdong Main Store (明洞中央店)
Link: http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=334

Etude House
Promotion:10% discount if buy over 50,000 won
Location: Myeongdong Store #1 (明洞 1 號店)
Link: http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=351

Etude House
Promotion: 10% discount if buy over 50,000 won
Location: Myeongdong Store #2 (明洞 2 號店)
Link:  http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=357

Etude House
Promotion: 10% discount if buy over 50,000 won
Location:  Dongdaemun (東大門)
Link:  http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=358

Etude House
Promotion: 10% discount if buy over 50,000 won
Location:  Myeongdong Store #6 (明洞 6 號店)
Link:  http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=354

Holika Holika
Promotion:10% discount + file folder, 5% discount on some products
Location: Myeongdong Store #3 (明洞 3 號店)
Link:  http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=256

Holika Holika
Promotion:10% discount + file folder, 5% discount on some items
Location:  Myeongdong Store #6 (明洞 6 號店)
Link:  http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=340

Promotion: 10% discount 
Location:  Myeongdong Store (明洞店)
Link: http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=352

Promotion:  10% discount
Location:   Myeongdong Main, #1, 2 Store (明洞中央店, 明洞1號店, 明洞2街店, 忠武店)
Link: http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=252


Promotion: FREE Red Ginseng Sheet Mask
Location: (新沙カロスキル店)
Link: http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=379
Website: http://shop.beautynet.co.kr/missha/

Nail Mall
Promotion: 3000 won discount if you sped 50,000 won or more
Location: Dongdaemun 東大門
Link: http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=401

Nature Republic
Promotion:  FREE gift upon visit
Location:  Namdaemun  (南大門)

Nature Republic
Promotion:FREE gifts + posters
Location:  World Branch/ Star Branch
Website: http://www.naturerepublic.co.kr/

Skin 79
Promotion: mini BB cream
Location:  Myeongdong JN Store Shopping Mall (明洞 JN 商場)
Link:  http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=280


Promotion: 10% discount 
Location:  Insadong (仁寺洞店)
Link:  http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=294
Website: http://www.sky-lake.co.kr/Main/Main.php

Tank 21
Promotion:  5-20% discount
Location:  Myeongdong Store (明洞店)
Link:  http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=216

Talent Cosmetics
Promotion: 5-20% discount
Location:   Myeongdong (明洞店)

Promotion:  spend 10,000 won FREE mask sheet
** spend 30,000 won FREE postcard
** spend 50,000 won, 5% discount
** spend 100,000 won, 10% discount

Location:  Myeongdong Store #1,2,3,4,5 (明洞 1,2,3,4,5 號店)
Link:   http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=200
Website:  http://www.thefaceshop.com/

Promotion: spend 20,000 won, FREE mask sheet
** spend 30,000 won, FREE mask sheet + skin lotion samples
** spend 50,000 won, 5% discount + special gifts
** spend 100,000 won, 10% discount + special gifts
** spend 500,000 won, FREE tote bag
Location:  Dongdaemun  (東大門運動場店)
Link:  http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=160

The Saem
Promotion:  10% discount + free poster
Location: Myeongdong store #1 (明洞 1 號店)
Link:   http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=259

The Saem
Promotion: 10% discount + free giftsLocation:  Myeongdong Savoy World Shop

The Saem
Promotion: 10% discount + gel science whitening maskLocation: Apgujeong store (狎鴎亭店)
Link: http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=285

The Saem
Promotion: 10% off + free poster
Location:  Myeongdong Unesko Shop (明洞 Unesko 店)
Link: http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=306

Tony Moly
Promotion: 5% discount (exclude sale items, small make up items & manicure)
Location:  Myeongdong Store #1,3,5 (明洞 1,3,5 號店)
Link: http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=253

Tony Moly
Promotion: 5% discount on most items + FREE mask sheet, if buy over 100,000 won, FREE surprise bag
Location: Dongdaemun
Link:   http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=301


KEB Bank 外換銀行﹐ 仁川國際機場分店 (兩替所)
Promotion: 30% off 手續費  + 5000 won 新羅免稅店 coupon
Location: Incheon Airport
Link: http://www.seoulnavi.com/miru/375/

Samil Money Exchange
Promotion: for every 10,000 yen, get an extra 500 won
Location:  Myeongdong (明洞店)
Link:  http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=152

Airport Limousine 
Promotion: 1000 won discount per person
Link:  http://www.utravelnote.com/note/coupon/cprint.php?c_seq=190

Promotion: special price for foreigners
Link: http://www.everland.com/web/multi/english/everland/everland_guide/ticket/Tickets_and_Coupons.html


Promotion: 10% discount
Location:  Myeongdong Store #2
Link: http://coupon.ticket-korea.com/store/p00036.shtml

Etude House  
Promotion: 10% discount
Location:  Myeongdong Store #1
Link: http://coupon.ticket-korea.com/store/p00021.shtml

Tank 21
Promotion: 5-20% discount
Location:  Myeongdong
Link: http://coupon.ticket-korea.com/store/p00024.shtml


Promotion: 5-10% discount
Location:  Myeongdong Store #3
Link: http://coupon.ticket-korea.com/store/p00025.shtml

Promotion: 10% discount 
Location:  Myeongdong 
Link: http://coupon.ticket-korea.com/store/p00026.shtml


Promotion: 10% discount
Location:  old Hue Place, Myeongdong
Link: http://coupon.ticket-korea.com/store/p00027.shtml





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  7. Thanks for the coupons!! I love your blog, it's so cute! xx I nominated you for the Liebster's award :) Visit my blog for info on how to participate :) http://cosjane.blogspot.com/2013/12/the-liebster-award.html

  8. Its so useful! but im going to korea on Jan2015, its a bit long to go. will keep notice ur updates. :)

  9. Thank you for sharing great stuff!!! :D



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