Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Missha Time Revolution White Cure Dark Control Cream

50mL, 28000 won

Ingredients:  DN-Aid, Trylagen, white Flower Extract 20%, white-Cure, Fullerenes (prevent dark spots from forming), Extramel-C (aids anti-aging)

This moisturiser is too thick for me.... too rich!!
suitable for dry skin, or use it at night time
It penetrates deeply into your skin, prevents melanin from forming, lightens skin tone
whitens + moisturizes at the same time
If you want the best results, use the entire line
or at least use the  whitening serum + whitening lotion during the day
and use the  whitening serum +  whitening cream at night
After trying it for a few nights, I do find my skin tone more even

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