Friday, August 10, 2012

Innisfree White Tone Up Essence

50 mL, 20000 won

Most whitening essence I've tried are thick, sticky and greasy... I just love this one!! It's non-greasy, soft and absorbs fast!! It's feels different from other skincare I've tried! This one, you put it on and you wouldn't feel like you've put on anything... 

I usually like to use a thin hydrating serum before I apply a whitening serum, that way I can have both effects and wouldn't feel too heavy ~~


Mulberry + Vitamin B3 -- prevents melanin from forming, improves dark eye circles and fine lines, hydrates your skin, making it look radiant
Blueberry -- strong anti-oxidant, anti-aging, provides firmness and softens skin
Acai Berry -- a fruit that contains a huge volume of anti-oxidant particles, anti-inflammatory, suitable for sensitive skin too! cell regrowth, locks collagen to your skin
Grape seed oil -- whitening and hydration 


I would want to get this one again. But the price is a bit pricey compared to other Korean products. Innisfree is repackaging many of their products and approaching to a higher end.

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