Thursday, February 21, 2013

Innisfree Olive Real Skin

180mL, 14000 won

The new packaging is ~50 mL more than the previous one

This has always been one of my favourite products!!
Water gel texture, but this is actually a toner !!

Out of all the lines in Innisfree, my favourite ones are Olive (for the winter) and Green Tea (for the summer). Olive is a bit thicker and Green Tea feels cool and refreshing.

When I was in Hong Kong, I sweat like hell and became quite dehydrated!
After cleaning my face, I quickly splat some Olive toner on my face
I feel like i am reborn from a dead plant!!
My face sucks the water moisture like crazy!! It's very thirsty!!
The Innisfree Olive Real Skin is very hydrating, gentle and non-irritating.

If you live in a tropical hot country, I recommend using this during the night time.
But if you are living in a cold ice-cream country like Canada or parts of the States, you can use it day and night.

The diagram above shows 3 ways of using the Innisfree Olive Real Skin:

1. sheet mask (use a clean & dry face mask sheet, soak ~30 mL then apply onto your face for 15-20 mins)

2. mix ~1 drop with your foundation/ BB cream to increase hydration

3. mix with mask powder then apply onto your face for ~15 mins

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Foam

150 mL, 10000 won

The Innisfree Olive series is one of my favourite lines during winter time!!
Made with organic extra virgin olive oil from Crete Island
The scent is mild, refreshing, gentle and.... relaxing!! 
It just makes my skin super soft and comfy~~

Light green in color, it cleanses well, does not dry out my face at all 
It deeply nourishes and retains moisture for healthy skin
I usually use it after my make up remover to fully cleanse my skin.

I happen to bring this along to a few different trips with various weather...
Using this in Hong Kong is a bit too much... it feels greasy.
Using it in Japan is better, the weather is not cold, not hot... feels good!
This is perfect for Korea and cold weather places like Canada!

The correct way to clean your face:

1. wet your face  

2. put a bit of cleansing foam on your hand, add a few drops of water, lather up in foam (adds air into the foam which increases the ability to remove impurities on your skin)
3. put the foam all over your face to allow time for the foam to absorb impurities
4. using your fingers, massage your face in circles, start from the T-zone (impurities will start to dissolve), massage ~15 times
5. rinse with warm or cold water to tighten pores

Friday, February 15, 2013

Skinfood Price List 2013 - Korea won (by Category)

I have spent a lot of time coming up with the price list. If you are going to use the content, kindly refer the post to your website. Thx!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Innisfree website (all links)


Mask/ Pack

Eyes and Lips Make Up


Body Products

Hair Products

Baby Products


Friday, February 1, 2013

Skinfood (all links)


Lip Gloss, Lip Tint:
Nail Care:
Make Up Finish:
Lip Care:
Nail Sticker:
BB Cream:
Eye Brow:
Nail Color:

Mask/ Pack


Cotton Pads:
Make Up Tool:
Cleansing Tool:
Bath & Body Tool:

All Lines

Agave Cactus:
Betula Alba Juice:
Black Egg:
Black Raspberry:
Black Sugar:
Blanc Pearl Caviar:
Brandy Mild:
Choco Smoky:
Egg White:
Facial Ice Vita:
Facial Water Vita:
Fermented Wormwood:
Food Therapy Stick Perfume:
Fresh Apple Sparkling:
Fresh Juice:
Fresh Lime:
Global Special Food Mask:
Goat Milk & Lavender (baby):
Gold Caviar:
Gold Kiwi:
Good Afternoon BB Cream:
Green Grape:
Green Tea Milk/ Wildberry Milk:
Gunppang & Byulsatang:
Herb Salad:
Honey Black Tea:
Hop Beer:
Lemon Brightening:
Lettuce Cucumber:
Lime Secret:
Milk & Honey:
My Short Cake:
Omija Whitening:
Orange & Mint:
Peach Sake:
Platinum Grape Cell:
Red Bean:
Red Orange:
Royal Honey:
Rose Essence:
Steam Milk:
Sweet Potato:
Tea Tree:
Vita Tok:
Viva Pastara:
Watery Berry:


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