Saturday, August 4, 2012

Enprani Super Aqua Booster

50mL, 17000 won

I didn't see any Enprani stores while I was in Korea
I saw this product at Olive Young, buy 1 get 1 free
Olive Young is similar to SaSa in Asia, they carry many different brands
I've seen "booster" products in Nature Republic 
The salesperson said you use it before toner, so I am guessing you do the same with this one

I prefer using a toner that is thicker in texture
If you use a watery toner and apply the booster
booster will be mixed with watery toner on the face 
the booster will become watery too...

Later I used it like an essence (after toner)
it absorbs much quicker and faster

I really like the hydration effect it brings
The booster is stored in a glass container, so the mixture is always kept in a cool temperature

You can also apply a different serum on top of this one
Sometimes in the morning I will first apply the Enprani Super Aqua Booster, then a whitening serum
At night I will use an anti-aging serum on top of this one
That way, I can get hydration and another effect at the same time!!

I will definitely buy this again!!

The whole line includes:
Super Aqua Toner
Super Aqua Emulsion
Super Aqua Capsule Essence
Super Aqua Serum
Super Aqua Cream
Super Aqua White Solution
Super Aqua Mask
Super Aqua Blue Water Gel Mask
Super Aqua Total Solution
Super Aqua Blue Water Sheet Mask
Super Aqua Bubble Scaling Peeling Gel
Super Aqua Ion Night Mask
Super Aqua Jelly Cleansing Liquid

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