Friday, August 3, 2012

Lancome Hydra-Intense Masque

100mL, $34 CAD

I always wanted to try Lancome masks, cause their cleansing products are quite good!
But prices aren't cheap... or wait until they have bonus gift
I bought it at the Canada duty free for 50% off, paid $17

The mask contains a light rose scent, thick in texture, water based.
Suitable for any skin type.

For those who uses the mask during winter or have sensitive/dry skin, you'll see much more result!
Hydrating effects are superb! 
My skin acts like a sponge and sucks all the water from the mask
After using it my skin is more moisturised, soft, and fine lines reduced a bit too
I see effects immediately! so you can use it for emergency purposes such as before a date!
You can also use it before make up, it will help your make up stick to your face better and won't look flaky....

First, wash your face, dry, then apply a thick layer of mask on your face
leave it on for ~10-15 mins then wash off
Use it 2x/week and your skin will look fully hydrated!!

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