Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shiseido Naturgo White Clay Mask

120 g ( $45 HKD, ~$16 USD)

This is the most effective whitening mask I have ever used~~
I am almost finishing up my 2nd tube !!
Ingredients include natural white clay from the Alps in Italy, Toscana natural spring water and Saxifrage essence.
It does such a good job removing impurities, brightening up dull and tired skin~

The white clay just sucks all the melanin (black substance) away
I look so healthy, clean and brightened afterwards!!! 
You will see effect immediately!!
Gentle texture, easy to wash and easy to spread

Contains micro white clay particles which can penetrate into the deep layers of your skin, removing impurities and aging skin. The natural minerals can help sooth wrinkles, making your skin look healthy and bright.

It also contains a numerous amount of hydrating particles
so you are cleansing and using skincare at the same time
some people do find their skin a bit transparent too after using it~~

A lot of wash off masks will dry your skin, but this one won't
I feel like doing a SPA afterwards ~~

The whole line have the same packaging, only the font colors are not the same...

Shiseido Naturgo Make-up Remover
Shiseido Naturgo Oil Absorbing Cleansing Foam
Shiseido Naturgo Pore Cleansing Foam
Shiseido Naturgo White Cleansing Foam
Shiseido Naturgo White Cleansing Mask
Shiseido Naturgo Men Cleansing Foam
Shiseido Naturgo Men Pore Cleansing Foam

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