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- please email me the kind and quantity you wish to purchase -->
- eg. Natto x 10, collagen x 10
- please read --> 

Please note: you must order a minimum of 10 sheets for each kind you selected

14 new flavours, $3.5 HKD or $0.46 USD each + shipping

Bamboo (moisturising, refining pores)
Bee Venom (keep tired and troubled skin smooth, soft, healthy)  NEW !!
Cherry Blossoms (supplies nutrients, calming and firming)
Gold (provides hydration and radiance)
Hyaluronate (firming, moisturising, hydrating)
Marine (hydrating,  rejuvenates)
Moisture Facial for men (calming, firming, hydrating)
Natto (rejuvenates﹐ firming hydrating )
Platinum (softens﹐ whitening﹐ firming )
Rose (calming hydrating)
Snail ( rejuvenates hydrating supplies nutrients, anti-aging)
Strawberry (provides transparency & radiance, beautifies skin)
Syn-ake (provides silkier, smoother and firmer skin)  NEW !!
Vegetable Placenta (firming, rejuvenates, hydrating)

Acerola -- cleans, supplies nutrients Apple  -- calming, refining
Apricot  --  whitening, moisturising, firming
Aqua  -- 
hydrating, diminishes fine lines
Arbutin  -- whitening
Artemisia  --  calming, de-toxifies  
Charcoal  -- firming, calming
Collagen  -- firming, hydratingCoenzyme Q10  -- firming
Cucumber  -- cleans, hydrating  
Fresh Aloe  -- firming, calming, supplies nutrients 
Grape -- firming, hydrating, de-toxifies
Green Tea -- firming, hydrating, provides anti-oxidant
Herb -- calming, cleans, hydrating
Job's Tears -- calming, moisturising, whitening
Kiwi --  calming, provides radiance, supplies nutrients
Lemon --  firming, calming, supplies nutrients, whitening
Pearl --  firming, calming, hydrating, brightening
Pomegranate -- firming, hydrating, calming
Potato --  firming, cleans, calming
Red Ginseng -- calming, firming, provides radiance
Red Wine -- firming, moisturising, calming 
Rice Bran --  hydrating, whitening, calming
Royal Jelly -- cleans,provides nutrients,hydrating
Seaweed --  hydrating, calming, oil control
Tomato -- provides transparency, calming, supplies nutrients 
White  -- firming, hydrating, provides transparency
Vitamin -- provides radiance, firming, brightening
Yellow Ocher --  calming, provides radiance, hydrating 

1kg can hold 30 pc, 2 kg can hold 60-62 pcs. Anything above 4 kg, we will use EMS, cause the shipping fee is almost the same as small packet + registered mail. When you place your order, please consider the weight as well.
Eg. If you order 100 pc, we will separate it into 2 shipments 60 pc (2kg) + 40 pc (~1.5 kg)


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