Saturday, October 27, 2012

Skinfood Black Raspberry Saeng-gi Essence Mask

23g, 2000 won, $195 (5 sheets) HKD

According to the instructions, this mask contains 12 differents kinds of medicinal herbs, jayangboeumdan and cheongyeondan to supply nutrients to your skin. The mask sheet itself it made with superior cotton. Although it contains many tiny holes, its rate of penetration into your skin is high! increasing the rate of absorption. It also contains hydrolauronic Acid which increases and locks moisture to your skin.

I took the mask from the bag and noticed that it's not white... the colour is a bit brown... that's probably the color of the essence

Very strong Chinese medicine smell, but it doesn't annoy me~ it doesn't stink...
There's lots of essence in the mask, enough for the face, arms, legs.... or you can even put it back into the original packaging, put it in the fridge and use it for a second time.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Skinfood Black Raspberry Eye Cream

25g, 15900 won, 980 NT

I bought this on Ebay, it was marked up another 50% or more... but I can't wait to try this since I started to get fine lines around my eyes!

Black Raspberry is grown wild in Korea. It contains Vitamin A, C, minerals and other nutrients. It can increase the level of water contained in your skin, improve skin texture, improve elasticity, prevent wrinkles and dark spots.

This eye cream contains black raspberry + another 12 different herbs. It does not irritate your skin but contains a lot of nutrients... I had a feeling that it's probably too much for the eyes?

I used it for ~4 months, fine lines around my eyes did reduce... but this eye cream is so moisturizing... more suitable for people who live in dry areas like Canada or to be used during Winter time... creamy thick texture, definitely not suitable for people who lived in hot climate areas, I am scared if you used it, you might break out around your eyes.. also if you work overtime a lot, this product is suitable for you, it works as a barrier to prevent the loss of moisture around your eyes.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Skinfood Black Raspberry Su Serum

45 mL, 14900 won

This serum has a clear watery base and provides lots of hydration and nutrients to your skin. 
It contains Jayangboeumdan (滋養補陰丹), Cheongyeondan (淸連丹), black raspberry extract and sap from 12 herbal plants that provides anti-aging and aims for dry and coarse skin. 
The serum absorbs quickly and penetrates into the skin's deep layers.
Just 1 pump is good enough for the entire face... 
I find the scent rather strong, but after awhile it disappears... 
The Black Raspberry line strengthens and revitalizes skin for a noticeable improvement in skin health and suppleness.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Skinfood Black Raspberry Youngyang Serum

45mL, 14900 won, $295 HKD (so expensive in HK.....), 900 NT

Used Nanotechnology, so the molecules in the serum are so small that they can penetrate your skin pores and deep down the layers. It contains black raspberry and 12 different oriental medicinal herbs. It contains anti-oxidant and helps to prevent damage of skin cells and anti-aging.

After I tried it, hey it totally fits the description~ 
My skin feels super soft and it also does a very good with oil control. 
After a few hours my skin doesn't feel oily at all (usually it feels very oily after few hours). 
It has a pink creamy texture, but thin and easy to spread onto your skin. 
I definitely recommend this product.

There is another serum in the Black Raspberry line know as the
Skinfood Black Raspberry Water Serum, I will review this one next~ This one would probably be better for normal to oily skin and I expect that it will be lighter than the Skinfood Black Raspberry Youngyang Serum~

Friday, October 19, 2012

Skinfood Black Raspberry Emulsion

135mL, 13900 won, $270 HKD, 850 NT

Skinfood Black Raspberry Emulsion contains black raspberry and 12 kinds of oriental medicinal herbs. It helps to recover your skin from sun-ray damages and stress.

Texture is watery, so it's easy to absorb. It smooths fine lines, firms up, hydrates, whitens, anti-oxidizes, reduces pore sizes and provide nutrients and moisture. Cheongyeondan (one of the 12 herbs) helps improve skin discolorations, moisturizes dehydrated skin, making it look healthy.

I didn't buy this product, received a sample set from Skinfood Korea.

The lotion I used are usually sticky, but this one is not... !! It's thin and watery, super easy to absorb! It balances my face oil, this is so important to me cause I have an oily t-zone. You can use it daytime or nighttime. I like to use it during the night cause it's a moisturizing product and I don't like to have too much moisture on during the day (feels greasy!). Since the skin recovers itself during the night, it's a good idea to use more moisturized products at this time, so I applied it on at night and the next morning I don't feel dry or oily, it's absolutely perfect!!

I will definitely buy this product if I go to Korea again.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WINNER of Facebook Contest GIVEAWAY #1

The WINNER is... 

** DNBlue **

Please contact me by email to within 3 days to claim your prize. 

WINNER gets ...
Etude House Black Head Final Kit
- Blackhead Remover (toner) 60mL AND
- Smoothing Cream 15mL

Stay tuned!!  Another contest will be up once we reached 20000 visitors!!

Skinfood Black Raspberry Toner

135mL, 13900 won, $260 HKD, 850 NT

Black Raspberry contains a rich supply of Vitamin A、C、Phospholipids,jayangboeumdan and cheongyeondan. Phospholipids keeps your skin smooth and smooth, it absorbs water easily, increasing the water level in your skin and yet keeping your pores unclogged. Cheongyeondan helps improve your skin color, brightens up your skin and makes it look radiant.

A fast absorbing thick toner that feels more like a liquid gel. It keeps my skin all hydrated.

I didn't buy this product, I received samples when I was shopping at Skinfood Korea. The set below can last ~1.5 weeks. I noticed the difference right after using it for the first day. The toner absorbs right away and my pores look fine. My face oil is balanced, so it also has oil control. However, the smell is quite strong... it's a black raspberry product but smells like ginseng....

Suitable for normal to dry skin.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Facebook Contest GIVEAWAY #1

Koyuki Palace is having a GIVEAWAY ~~!!

WINNER gets ...
Etude House Black Head Final Kit
- Blackhead Remover (toner) 60mL AND
- Smoothing Cream 15mL

How to Enter:
1. "Like" my facebook page --> click on the right or go to

1. Follow my blog --> click on the right
2. Use your nickname (so I can identify you) and leave a comment (answer: What would you like to see on my blog? Where do you live now?)

Open worldwide
- Contest ends on Oct 15, 2012 12am (GMT -7, Vancouver time)
- Winner will be announced on Oct 16, 2012
- Winner has 3 days to contact me, else I will select another winner

~~ Thank you and good luck on the event!! There will be giveaways all the time, please come back and visit ~~

~~ New reviews added below this post ~~

Skinfood Cucumber Mask Sheet

20mL/sheet, 1500 won﹐ 70 NT

This sheet mask is available in Korea and Taiwan and not available in Hong Kong.

Cucumber contains Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, Chlorophyll, Vitamins and water. It works really well providing a rich water supply to the skin. If you ever feel too dehydrated, the cucumber sheet mask will definitely help recover the loss of moisture on your skin. Mild and gentle, smells really fresh.

Suitable for all skin types (even sensitive skin) and it's super hydrating. I used it once after I was under the sun for a few hours and my face totally sucked all the moisture out from the mask. It also brings a soothing effect. It even works better if you put it in the fridge being using it to give a cooling effect. Cold mask can also reduce pore sizes.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Skinfood Honey & Royal Jelly Mask Sheet

1500 won

Contains honey and royal jelly. Honey helps firm your skin, stimulates cell regeneration, increases blood circulation and also has sanitizing and calming effect. Honey contains sugar, glucose, proteins, vitamin B1, B6, C and etc... The Zine and Magnesium in it makes your skin look radiant.

The packaging is quite elegant and price is just great~ It only costs ~$1.35 USD, but it sells for 3-4x as much in Hong Kong....
The sheet mask contains a lot of royal jelly essence, I put it on for 30 mins and the next day my skin is so soft!! I just love royal jelly, it feels so natural!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Skinfood Snow Tea Sheet Mask

20mL/ sheet, 1500 won, 70 NT

Snow Tea is a herb used by the Ancient Royal family in China. It can reduce dark spots, dark eye circles and swells. It can also soothe and provide nutrients, moisture and anti-oxidants to the skin.

The Skinfood Snow Tea Sheet Mask contains snow tea, herbs, cucumber extracts, water, Vitamins a, B1, B2, C. It brings softness and reduces yellowness on your skin, making it look radiant.

Its function sounds great, but smells like perfume... gees I feel like I am using a perfume mask on my face.... and yet this is one of the most popular sheet mask in Skinfood...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Skinfood Mung Bean Jelly Point Makeup Remover

85mL, 4500 won, $85 HKD
Contains green pea extract, does not irritate your skin, mild, and non-greasy.

The texture is light, gel, and refreshing.

Instructions says to put a small amount onto a cotton pad, light wipe it around yours eyes and lips area. Another way is to directly apply it onto your make up area, cleanse in circles, and wash with warm water.

Let's do some testing.

A. Shu Uemura Foundation
B. Clinque Quick Eye Liner
C. Eye Shadow
D. BB Cream

I put some Jelly Point Makeup Remover on the area, cleanses for ~1 min, except the eye liner, everything else disappeared.

At the end, ~25% of the eye liner still remains...

Overall, this product can remove light makeups such as foundation, BB cream, blush and light eyeshadow. But for heavier products such as eye liner, heavy mascara, you would be better off using an eye makeup remover.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Skinfood Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser

130mL, 5300 won, $105 HKD, 330 NT

The Aloe Vera series is aimed for normal to oily skin. It contains aloe (helps soothe your skin), cucumber (provides hydration), Chlorophyll and Vitamin C.
As I squeezed it out, I noticed that it's already half foamed up, so just add a bit of water and it foams up easy.
It feels gentle, mild, suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The foam is fine and smell is fresh. The most important thing is it feels clean!

The Aloe Vera Series also contain the following cleansing products:
Aloe Vera Bubble Cleanser
Aloe Vera Cleansing Water
Aloe Vera Cream Cleanser
Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser


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