Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tony Moly Fresh Aqua Cooling 24 Eyes Stick

9g, 6000 won

I wasn't even intending to buy this one... but I need to make my purchase 100,000 won in order to get the gift... the salesgirl said this is an excellent hydrator for my eye area

There's 2 ways to use this:

1. use it as an eye moisturizer -- wash your face, apply toner then the 24 Eyes Stick

2. use it any time when your eye area feels dried, tired, exhausted

I like to apply it at the middle of the day when my eye area gets tired from working....
it feels ice coldl!! so if you are tired, it refreshes and wakes you up!
The eye stick is small and convenient, easy to apply
It also provides emergency uses!!
for example, if you just cried, did not get enough sleep, has huge eye puffs, the ice cold eye stick helps reduce your swollen eyes

The price of 6000 won is just great!! works out to be ~$5.5 USD
Vichy also has one, "Aqualia Antiox Anti-Fatigue Ice-Effect Eye Stick"
same size and they sell for ~$22-25....

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