Saturday, July 21, 2012

Skinfood Broccoli Sunscreen Cream SPF 42 PA+++

50mL, 8000 won, $155 HKD, 500 NT
Contains broccoli extracts, vitamins, aloe, camomile.
It is water-resistant, suitable for people who does water sports.
Camomile has calming effects, so it's also suitable for people with sensitive skin.
SPF 42 PA+++ can protect your skin against strong UVA and UVB

Broccoli extract gets absorbed into the skin and creates enzymes which protect the skin from UV rays. It can reduce the chance of being sunburned and getting red spots. The chemical substance responsible for this protection prevents formation of tumours. Broccoli extract (acting as a protective shield) can also stay in your skin longer then regular sunscreen. It doesn't wash away easily, after using it for a few days, although the broccoli extract is not physically on the skin any more, it can last for as long as 3 days!! 

That doesn't mean you can apply sunscreen once every few days, it just means your skin has a basic protection from the sun. 

It doesn't smell like broccoli, but smells like lettuce....
texture is between sun milk and sun cream... not as watery as sun milk and not as creamy as sun cream.... 
Suitable for drier makes my face kind of oily (I have combination oily skin).... 
buy it only if either you live in a cold country or if you have dry skin

Apply it 15-20 mins before you go out, avoid eye areas. You can use it on your face, neck, arms, legs and feet. But since it's only 50 mL, I would use a body sunscreen for my arms, legs and feet....  

Friday, July 20, 2012

Laneige Sun Block Aqua SPF 35 PA++

70 mL, I forgot how much....

Ingredients include Beta-Glucan -- helps detoxify your skin, prevent yours skin from harmful sunlight
Suitable for any skin type and daily use. 

Targets dry skin or those who works in air-conditioned environment and needs hydration

PA ++ protects normal skin against medium UVA

Sunscreen is water-based and makes water drops!!

If you apply it before your foundation, it helps your foundation sticks to your face better
light in texture, non-oily, absorbs fast.
It wouldn't dry out your face nor make your face so white like the other sunscreens do....
A lot of sunscreen make you look like a ghost... super white....

Most water drop sunscreen are for dry skin, but hey although I have combination oily skin, I am still scared of being dried up from the sun....
In this case, hydration is really important to me... 
This sunscreen gives a cooling effect
Since it contains water drops, you can't smudge it onto your face, you need to pat it on.. 

There's 4 sunscreens in this line

Laneige Sun Block Aqua SPF 35 PA++
Laneige Sun Block High Lasting SPF 50 PA++
Laneige Sun Block Triple SPF 40 PA++
Laneige Sun Block Oil Free SPF 35 PA++

As a side note, please remember to apply your sunscreen ~15 mins before you go out
If you are outside for long, reapply sunscreen every 1-1.5 hrs

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lubriderm Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 15

480 mL, $4.99-9.99 CAD

Lubriderm is a brand under Johnson & Johnson, not sure if this brand is found anywhere outside North America....
They are known for having non-greasy, soft lotion that can be used on the face and body
Suitable for any skin types, but targets dry skin
I've tried their hand cream, not oily, super soft and I just loved it!!
Usually products target for dry skin are super rich ... but this one is sooo good!!!

I got it on sale at $4.99 from Shoppers Drug Mart, but sometimes London Drugs also have it for $4.99
It contains Vitamin E which helps to protect your skin better from UV rays

I use it for my arms, legs and body~
Even if you sweat, you still feel clean, non-greasy and soft~
I am always troubled what to do about body sunscreens.... most of them are 100mL.. max 200 mL, price is not cheap and it wouldn't last long....

I tried applying onto my face but it feels a bit oily....
Probably because prior to that I already applied toner, essence and lotion...
by the time I apply my sunscreen this is already the 4th layer on my skin
I am guessing if you just apply sunscreen without applying anything else before that, then it should feel cleaner...
But I'll rather use make up that contains SPF... it's just simpler and more convenient

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baviphat Sunny Lady Whitening SUN Fresh for Pure Skin (SPF 50+/PA+++)

45 mL, 12800 won

Recently I found out Baviphat has a whitening sunscreen product!

Since whitening is my main concern, I definitely wanna give it a try!!
SPF 50 and PA+++ is enough to protect me against UVA and UVB

SPF 15 protects 93% of UVB and SPF 30 protects 97% of UVB
anything above SPF 30 will only protect 1-2% more... 
SPF 25 is recommended, but I like to go with the higher SPF to get the most protection as possible. 

PA + protects sensitive skin against low to medium UVA
PA ++ protects normal skin against medium UVA
PA +++ protects normal skin against very strong UVA

Milky white, light cream, easy to spread
it doesn't make my face too oily
after application my face looks a bit transparent

The same line also has sunscreen for oily skin (AC Trouble skin - aim at acne) and dry skin (Watery Sun - aim at hydration)

The most annoying thing about sunscreen is... when you are outside, you have to reapply every 1-1.5 hrs... 
Different sunscreen also has different functions....
some people who sweat a lot will need water resistant sunscreen, same as people who do water sports, meaning they can be in water for 40-60 mins
People with dry skin can use the blue one above, which contains water drops for hydration
There's also a specific sunscreen for acne, one for redness prevention, one whitening, one for sensitive skin and one for babies...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Etude House Aqua Drop Sun Guard SPF 33 PA++

70mL, 8500 won

Sunscreen is so important!! 
You basically have to include it in your day time skincare routine.
UV rays can cause huge damages to your skin.... 
including... wrinkles, dark spots, lost of firmness, lost of collagen, expansion of blood vessels, aging, makes your skin rough and dull and can even cause skin cancer!!

Even though sunscreen is important, but I still hate to use it... 
mainly because most sunscreens are cream texture 
My skin is oily enough... I can't afford to use any more heavy products to make my skin uncomfortable throughout the day... 
I've tried many sunscreen...even the oil-free ones make my skin so oily... 

Sunscreen usually comes in a few different forms...
sun cream, sun milk and sun spray
I like using sun spray the most!! But it's hard to spray it evenly on my face...

I tried to use SPF foundation or BB cream as much as possible so I can skip the sunscreen itself

This is one of my favourite sunscreens!!!
Milky and smoothy texture, very easy to spread!!
Contains aloe vera, which helps to absorb UV rays, prevents red spots from forming
It contains a bit of pinkish sparkling powder to bring radiance to your skin~

There's water drops!! so you can protect and hydrate your skin at the same time!!! 

It also has water resistant function, even if you need to go into water, you wouldn't need to reapply it right away!

The water moisture doesn't evaporate easily, so if you sweat like crazy, it'll be fine~
It looks a bit white when I applied it to my face, but this is a feature for a lot of the sunscreens~~

Monday, July 16, 2012

Etude House Vitamin C O2 White Mask Sheet

9800 won/box, 4 sheets/box

My supplier send me 2, got it for free when entering Etude House in Korea!

The size of the mask isn't too small.... it's in 2 pieces, top and bottom

top﹕ 24 cm x 13cm
bottom﹕ 24cm x 9.5 cm

24 cm isn't too bad, but don't know why it feels so small.....  
most sheet masks are ~25-26 cm wide...
wow... that 1-2cm really does make a difference!!

The only mask I've tried that's split into top and bottom is the Laneige Water Bank Mask Sheets.
I've tried many whitening sheet masks... for most of them, after using it, your face will look obviously white and healthy, but it can only last ~1 day....
I suggest using it for emergency purposes, or using it prior to a date =)

The sheet mask contains a light lemon scent that comes from Vitamin C, it's non-irritating, but still..... people who have sensitive skin should be careful using this product.
I love the packaging!! It has snow~~ I love snowflakes ha ha

Overall, I am pretty happy with the result, I will consider buying it again.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Etude House Vitamin C O2 White Capsule Cream

50 mL, 15000 won

The white capsule cream (1st generation) contains blue beads, the 2nd generation contains gold beads~~ 

The 1st generation white capsule cream is quite sticky and greasy... not good for combination oily skin.. it just feels heavy... I can only use it at night time...however when I wake up the next day, it still feels greasy... meaning it didn't really absorb at all....

The 2nd generation feels way better!! very hydrating!! suitable for the summer time~~ I usually only apply cream during the night, but I can use this one during the day without any heaviness... it feels non-greasy and fresh!! 

It contains Arbutin and Oxygen, helps your skin look brightened and healthy!! It also has a lemon smell that comes from Vitamin C. The gold beads contain Vitamin E, which helps with anti-aging, anti-oxidizing, repairing breakout/pimple marks and suntanned skin, moisturising, preventing melanin from forming. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Etude House Vitamin C O2 White Intensive Serum

40 mL + 12 packs of Vitamin C powder, 18500 won

This is such a unique serum....
1 set contains 40mL whitening serum + 12 packs of 30% Vitamin C powder

Vitamin C powder

1. morning - wash your face, apply toner then follow with whitening serum

2. night - wash your face, apply toner then follow with serum & powder mixture (strengthens whitening effect) SEE BELOW

Squeeze 1-2mL whitening serum from the tube, open 1 pack of vitamin C powder and mix it up, apply onto face. Powder will melt once it encounters heat... if you find that it hasn't melt, heat it up on your finger.

I tried applying in the morning and it created a big mess.... 
some powder haven't melt yet... so when I apply make up, powder fell out and creates bits and pieces on my skin...
definitely... this is only for night time...
I don't like messy products, so I won't get this one again...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Etude House Vitamin C O2 White Tone-up Emulsion

150 mL, 13000 won

Contains O2 complex which provides detoxification and anti-oxidation effects.
Vitamin C helps to brighten up and repair your skin, brings back radiance.
Vitamin B3 has whitening effects and prevents Melanin from forming, so your skin wouldn't look dull anymore!!

This is one of the best whitening products I've ever used!!
The previous ones I've tried are too greasy for me.... like the Lancome Blanc Expert NeuroWhite X3 Ultimate Whitening Hydrating Cream﹐H2O Whitening Cream﹐ NuSkin Whitening Cream are all too heavy!!
This one feels fresh, hydrating, non-greasy!! 
very suitable for day or summer time
bad thing is... it's not moisturising enough for the winter
but that's not a big problem.... there's not that much sunshine during the winter anyways... 
whitening effect is pretty good

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Etude House Vitamin C O2 White Tone-up Toner

150 mL, 13000 won

Etude House changes their products quite fast... this line is from 2010. 
I expect they will have an entire new whitening line soon....

Ingredients: O2, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3

The toner helps to remove dead skin cells. Pour some toner on a cotton pad, rub it onto your face and you'll see black/ grey dead skin cells. Vitamin C strengthens the anti-oxidation effect, helps brighten your skin, making it look fresh and radiant.

The first time I use it... I smell strong lemon... kind of like... Sunlight detergent...??
Probably it's because of the Vitamin C, that's why there's such a strong lemon scent
The texture is runny and watery, not like the other Korean toners that are thick (like a light gel). 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Skinfood Lettuce & Cucumber Cream

50mL, 10000 won, $225

I tried quite a few gel creams and I was expecting this one to be similar....
Texture wasn't as thick as I was expecting... but rather in a form that melts to your skin right away. Suitable for any skin type, especially normal to oily. I've tried many hydration products, and some of them are still a little heavy and my skin can't absorb all of it... but this one, since it's not too thick, my skin can absorb a majority of it.  It's only good for day time or during the summer though, not enough for night time or during the winter. The smell is refreshing, light texture, non-greasy, fast to absorb. You can also use this one before make up to help your foundation stay on your face better. Again, it's packaged in a glass jar, so when you apply it onto your face, it's very cool~~

I tried the Biotherm Aquasource Non-stop Oligo Thermal Gel and the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, both of these are thicker than the Skinfood Lettuce & Cucumber Cream and locks moisture to your skin. However, I would only use these 2 at night, cause there's still a portion of it that won't absorb into my skin. 

The Skinfood Lettuce & Cucumber line is so far the best hydration line I've ever tried!! I will definitely recommend this line to anyone who has dehydrated skin or needs hydration~  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Skinfood Lettuce & Cucumber Water Drop Essence

45mL, 10000 won, $245 HKD

I tried their sample and loved it!! I bought a bottle for myself the 2nd time I went to Korea. 
Contains minerals, vitamins, lettuce and cucumber extracts, collagen
The texture is half opague, between gel and lotion, non-greasy, not too thick, not too thin, just right!

The texture is half opague, between gel and lotion, non-greasy, not too thick, not too thin, just right!
Suitable for dry skin or skin that lacks water, your skin will absorb all the water moisture in no time...
Try applying it before make-up, the foundation totally sticks to your face~ 

I ended up getting the whole set !! This line is just great!! 
Suitable for any time of the year~~
It supplies a lot of water to my skin and after using it for 1 week, my face oil totally reduced!!

It smells fresh, fast absorbing~ 

people with other skin types can also use it to increase level of water moisture on their skin.
Many dry skin products are thick and creamy, sometimes over moisturized... but hey now we have the Lettuce & Cucumber line, no one has to suffer from using thick and creamy stuff anymore...
There are water droplets if you apply it onto your skin in circles~~

But I have to say that I hated the pump!! It didn't work after using it a few times and I have to open the jar and shake the essence out..... 

There are 2 kinds of essence in the Lettuce and Cucumber line.
Lettuce & Cucumber Water Drop Essence
-  Lettuce & Cucumber Jelly Drop Essence (thicker in texture)

Total 14 products in the line:
Lettuce Cucumber Toner -- 9000 won
Lettuce Cucumber Emulsion -- 9000 won
Lettuce Cucumber Water Drop Essence -- 10000 won
Lettuce Cucumber Water Jelly Essence -- 10000 won
Lettuce Cucumber Water Jelly Cream -- 10000 won
Lettuce Cucumber Massage Cream -- 8300 won
Lettuce Cucumber Water Essence Sheet Mask -- 2000 won
Lettuce Cucumber Water Mist -- 7700 won
Lettuce Cucumber Water Foundation #1 , #2 (Light Beige, Natural Beige) -- 6900 won
Lettuce Cucumber Matte Finish Gel -- 7900 won
Lettuce Cucumber Watery Base #1 (Water Green) -- 6900 won
Lettuce Cucumber Watery Base #2 (Water Pink) -- 6900 won
Lettuce Cucumber Mild Pack #1 , 2 (Light Beige, Natural Beige) -- 8900 won
Lettuce Cucumber Mild 2-Way Cake #1, 2 (Light Beige, Natural Beige) -- 8900 won

Monday, July 9, 2012

Skinfood Lettuce and Cucumber Emulsion

135 mL, 9000 won, $195 HKD

Ingredients: Lettuce and Cucumber extracts, Vitamin A & C, lavender, sesame seed oil

Light gel texture, quite runny and easy to spread, very easy to absorb~~
My skin feels hydrated and transparent.
feels a bit "wet"... so it takes awhile to dry up
Even though it contains sesame seed oil, I can't feel any greasiness at all!!

It smells refreshing and clean~
Same as the toner, this product is packaged using a glass bottle, so when you pour the product out, it's cold ha ha

Suitable for any skin type that lacks water.
Although I don't have dry skin, but normal to oily skin type still needs hydration~
Each time I used it, I feel like my skin just drank water~~ feels super good!!!
This product only provides hydration, it's doesn't provide enough moisture. 
I recommend using it in the morning or during the summer.
You can also use it as a primer, so your foundation will stick to your face more.

This is one of my favourite emulsions!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Skinfood Lettuce & Cucumber Toner

135 mL, 9000 won, $195 HKD

Ingredients: lettuce and cucumber extracts, Vitamin A & C, lavender

Lettuce has healing effects and cucumber can help with swells.

I've heard a lot of good things about the Skinfood Lettuce and Cucumber line having great hydration effects!! Finally I bought a set in Korea.

The opening is badly designed!! The hole is so small (~2mm diameter) and it takes forever to pour just a bit of the toner out!! Finally I took the opening apart, but now you need to pour very carefully or you will pour too much.  Texture is thick, more like a light gel, unlike the other watery toners. 

I have been using this toner for nearly 3 months now, my skin looks transparent and hydrated. 
It smells very refreshing and clean~
Since the toner is inside a glass bottle, the toner is always cool.

Suitable for any season. During the summer, you can use it to cool down your skin, during the winter you can use it to provide more water moisture. It absorbs super quick!! Those who work in an air-conditioned office everyday definitely needs this for your dehydrated skin!! I like to use it in the morning before my make up, cause applying make up over hydrated skin makes your make up more smooth and pretty.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Welcome to Koyuki Palace!! Korea Cosmetics (Innisfree, Missha, Skinfood, Etude House, and more!!)

Welcome to Koyuki Palace!!

I am Koyuki, a big fan of skincare and cosmetics!!

I have been using different brands of skincare for many years. In this blog, I will be sharing some of my favourite products, most of which are Korea brands. I live in Canada, weather here is cool and mild. In the winter, it can get really cold. In the summer, the sun can shine right onto you, no matter where you go, you can't avoid behind attacked by UV rays...

I have normal to oily skin, so I tend to stay away from products that are rich and moisturizing... they are just too thick for me.

Since the summer time is here, I will start off introducing whitening, hydrating and sunscreen products!!

I also do Korea purchasing, so if you have things you wanna buy, I can give you a hand.
For more information, please visit Korea Cosmetics Purchase

Brands available:
Amore Pacific
Aery jo
Ani Place
Ac Care
Banila Co.
Beauty Credit
Cathy cat
Dr. Jart+
Etude House
Happy Bath
Holika Holika
Hope girl
It's Skin
Ja Seng Su
Leaders Clinic
LG Care
MJ Care
Nature Republic
Noni sangji
Re: NK
Secret Key
Shara Shara
So Natural
The History of Whoo
The Face Shop
Tony Moly
The Saem
Too cool for school
Ten Seconds


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