Saturday, August 11, 2012

Missha Time Revolution White Cure Super Essential Toner

150 mL, 22000 won, $385 (HK retail stores)

This is a very watery toner, not like the other Korean thick toners...
I couldn't take a picture, coz it just runs off the back of my hand.

Ingredients: Neo-White LP (whitening particles), Chromocare TM (adjusts tone color), 20% White Flower Extract 

According to the Missha website, it can help lighten and balances skin tone, improves skin quality, prevents melanin from forming and hydrates

This set of whitening skincare by Missha is a little expensive
Results aren't very obvious..
Light lemon scent, clear watery texture
suitable for dry skin
If you want the best whitening effect, you must use a serum + moisturiser, the toner is just an "assistant"....

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