Monday, August 6, 2012

Nature Republic Original Power Whitening & lineless Ampoule

30 mL, 9900 won (regular 19800 won)

Ingredients: MD Water 401, Arbutin, Adenosin, Grapefruit essence﹐ apricot essence, apple essence﹐ tea tree leave oil, lemon essence, lotus flower essence 

I was just shopping at Nature Republic and this was on for 50% off!!
I didn't even think and just took a few different bottles from the series
This is an ampoule, but it works the same as an essence.
I've always wanted to find something for whitening and anti-aging at the same time!
cause I am always indecisive rather I should use the whitening or anti-aging serum...

milky white essence, a bit thick in texture
whitening effects aren't that obvious
but it's anti-aging effects are quite good
since the texture is a bit thick, I prefer to use it at night
The white and golden packaging makes it look elegant
I like the idea of using an eye dropper than the pump, that way I can control easier how much I am using
However... after using 2/3 of the bottle, it becomes harder to squeeze out the serum

I don't have much feelings for it... the effects are really just... ok....

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