Saturday, August 18, 2012

Neutrogena Ultra sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen

88 mL, $9.99 - 14.99 CDN

This is one of the best sunscreen I've ever used!! Most sunscreens are creamy, thick and greasy.. after you sweat, it just makes you all sticky and uncomfortable... but this one is soft, dry and not greasy at all!

During the summer, sunscreen is necessary everyday! Although I hate using it.. but still.. either you get a tan/sunburnt and a higher risk of getting skin cancer.. or.. you gotta use it!!!

I tried it on my hands then put hand cream on, it's still soft and not greasy!!
However, when you put it on, you gotta be careful to spread it out evenly! 
Else you'll see white sunscreen here and there~

There are 3 types of sunscreen﹕

1. sun milk - suitable for face, body, absorbs fast, think in texture, some are greasy and some are not.. really depends on the brand 

2. sun cream (I hate it!!!)  - suitable for body, thick and greasy, easy to clog pores

3. sun spray (my favourite!!) - for lazy people like me ha ha!! comes out as a mist, convenient! Guys usually use this kind~  

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