Friday, May 10, 2013

It's Skin Power 10 Formula Syn-ake

30 mL, 11800 won

The first time I heard about using venom for skincare, I was totally shocked!!
The Koreans had turned snake and bee venom into skincare...
snakes are... poison.. aren't they??
putting their venom on your face is... creepy!!!

Anyways... I ended up trying it cause someone was telling me how awesome it was!!

it's like.. using botox on the face, but without an injection!
after some time of absorbing the new technology... why not?? let's give it a shot!!

Instead of having the creepy word "Snake" as part of the product names, they use "Syn-ake"
Syn-ake is a peptide with chemical structure similar to snake venom
It is high in proteins, improves firmness, supplies nutrients, hydrates and moisturizes your skin.
Adenosine soothes wrinkles and fine lines.

What makes Syn-ake products so different from other wrinkle products?

Syn-ake prevents muscles from tightening to form fine lines... 

After toner, use 2-3 drops and spread on your entire face and neck.

The smell is just like any other serum, don't worry it doesn't have any smell close to snakes..!!
Milky white but opague, light in texture and easy to spread.
It actually works quite well, I do notice my skin turned better.
Fine lines were gone and my skin looked younger too!

You should only use Syn-ake products in the morning.

At night time, use Bee Venom products.

After using this serum, follow with Dermal Syn-ake High Lifting Cream

I will definitely keep buying this product!!

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