Sunday, August 12, 2012

Missha Time Revolution White Cure Super Radiance Lotion

130 mL, 22000 won

Ingredients include: DN-Aid TM (DNA repair ingredient)﹐ 20% White Flower Extract﹐ LipoFullerene TM﹐ Chromocare TM (adjusts skin tone)

The lotion can repair cells, balances skin tone, lighten dark spots, brightens dull and smooths rough skin.

I've seen some whitening lotion with SPF, but this one doesn't have it, which is good!!
Those with SPF usually feels greasy....
I rather put on a separate sun protector ~

There's a light lemon scent~
Texture is light, water-based, easy to spread, quick to absorb, no pressure at all!!
Suitable for day time
But I do find it a little bit sticky.... 
I suggest using a whitening serum then the whitening lotion to get a better whitening effect
Just using the whitening lotion wouldn't be enough~~
Remember you must use a sun protector on top of any whitening products, else you'll get the opposite effect !! Your face won't be whitened but darkened !!

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