Sunday, September 7, 2014

Baby Foot

1 package = ~1800 yen, ~$20-25 if bought online

I should have uploaded this post earlier, hope it's not too late now!!

I've tried a few Baby Foots and this is one of the best ones.
I bought this in Japan, I think it's also available in Hong Kong.

This is a deep foot exfoliating mask that renews your foot skin in 7-10 days
Wash and dry your feet, I would suggest doing the treatment after shower

Open the package and put on the 2 gel socks

Make sure the gel is touching your feet and close the opening by tying it with a string
After 1.5-2 hours, take the socks off and wash with luke warm water.

Amazing things happen....

Day 1 - 3 -- nothing happened
Day 4-6  -- the skin starts to peel ... then peels quite a bit

Day 7 -- by now your feet probably peeled like crazy
Day 8 -- the skin that comes off are big pieces of flakes!!!
Day 9 -- treatment complete by now, your feet should be renewed and soft

I know this foot mask is gonna make my feet peel like crazy
so I used it during summer time when I can wear sandals
I tried to stay away from socks, otherwise my socks will collect all the dead skin...
This is suitable for those who have accumulated a thick layer on your feet

Make sure you have enough entertainment before you put on the 2 gel socks
it's hard to walk in the socks and highly not recommended just in case gel leaks
also remove any toe nail polish before using this treatment

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