Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sulwhasoo Snowise EX UV Protection Cream

Snowise EX UV Protection Cream
40mL, $58 USD

By now, your face is probably covered with 3-4 layers of skincare
The UV protection cream is the next step...
Wouldn't you wonder if your skin can absorb all this skincare and if your pores can breath??

UV is an essential part of skincare, it's just as important as your toner, serum and moisturizer !!
The UV Protection Cream provides brightening and UV blocking.
It promotes skin's natural circulation, prevents future damage from harmful UV rays and gives a matte appearance. 

I don't really care if it can absorb into my skin, as long as it can act as a barrier against UV rays, I am fine
After applying UV protection, next comes make-up for the face
By then, there's already 5-6 layers (ie. primer, foundation/BB cream, loose powder/ pressed powder)
it feels thick... 

I didn't buy the full size for this one, I have a bunch of samples and have been using it for quite awhile now

White creamy texture, quite moisturizing

It's not considered oily compared to other UV protector
However, it's not refreshing either
I would say this one is for normal to dry skin or dry skin

When I apply it on my face, I feel a little bit of heat... kind of stimulate my blood circulation, but the heat disappears quickly. 
Ingredients such as Rhubarb extract brightens and clarifies the skin. Pomegranate calms the skin and promotes skin's natural circulation.

Snowise EX Whitening Water -> Snowise EX Whitening Serum -> Snowise EX Whitening Fluid -> Snowise EX UV Protection Cream


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