Monday, August 25, 2014

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream

이니스프리 그린티 밸런싱 크림
50mL, 15000 won

This natural green tea series uses 100% pure green tea water, contains high water moisture. 


Herbal extracts - hydration
Chamomile - reduces redness and irritation
Mint - protection  
Lavender - calms and relieves your skin
Catechin - anti-oxidizes, sanitizes and soothes sensitive skin
Most creams are thick, even the gel creams I have tried are thick for me 
But this one is ok, the texture is light and I don't find it greasy 

The anti-oxidant effect in green tea is 20x that of Vitamin E. 
Suitable to be used at night and during the summer time.
Green tea helps protect your skin against environmental damages such as UV rays.
Green tea also contains a rich supply of Catechin and Vitamin C.
Fast absorbing, refreshing and locks moisture to your skin.

After trying the toner, lotion, essence and cream from the Green Tea line, I have to say the series is great! I love using something light and not greasy, just that the smell is too perfumy... 

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