Monday, September 22, 2014

Sulwhasoo Snowise EX Whitening Eye Treatment

Snowise EX Whitening Eye Treatment
15mL, $58

The price is ok, I've seen eye creams that range from $75 - $125.. like Lancome and Shiseido
I think they call this an eye treatment because there's a metal tip applicator that helps to massage and relieve tired eyes
I've noticed many brands having this applicator now, if not metal, then it's plastic.. their purpose serves the same, to help massage your eye area
Dior has a whitening eye cream too but it's ~$75
So for whitening eye cream, this one is quite reasonable

The cream is white and creamy in texture
It's quite thick, so don't apply too much

I had been using sample packets, because 1) I sell them, 2) they are more economical and 3) more clean.
Each packet is 1-1.5mL and lasts a few days
Just in case I need to switch to another eye cream for a few days, I am not pressured to come back to this one soon
I had been using this quite regularly during the day time and some nights
I do feel that my eye area became more brightened in terms of color tone
It won't remove your dark eye circles immediately though... it will reduce it significantly

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