Monday, September 15, 2014

Sulwhasoo Snowise EX Whitening Water

Snowise EX Whitening Water

125mL ($50 USD)

I wasn't going to review anymore whitening products, but since the sun is still quite strong even in North America, I feel I should review this set which has strong whitening effects... 

During the Summer, we do have to use whitening products to "prevent" ourselves from getting darker. After the Summer, when the sun is not as heavy, it's time that we use better whitening products to replenish and get whiter.

The Sulwhasoo Snowise line contains many kinds of Korea medicinal herbs, including Kozo, fermented soybean natto, rhubarb, marsh parsely, concentrated pomegranate, licorice root and white mulberry. These ingredients are intended to help brighten, clarify, detoxify and even-out skin tone. 
The Sulwhasoo products all have a herbal scent. 
I have used the whole whitening line for ~9 months. 

This line is suitable for the summer as well. 
The Snowise EX Whitening Water is a clear and gentle gel type toner. 
Since the texture is thick, it can provide deep hydration to dry skin. 
This whitening line uses nanotechnology, so particles can penetrate and be absorbed quickly. 
My skin sucks its water moisture like a sponge! 

After using First Care Serum, pour some Snowise EX Whitening Water on your hand (palm) and apply or massage on your face. 

I haven't applied the toner on my hand yet, you can see these dry fine lines on my skin.  

After application, the fine lines are not visible anymore!!  

I will give this toner a 4.5 out of 5 and will definitely get it again!!

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