Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sulwhasoo Snowise EX Whitening Serum

50mL, $163 USD

This is the most expensive product in the Snowise line...

The new packaging is way better than one from the past.. which was like 5mL x 6 bottles

This serum helps reduce and brighten pigmentation and protect skin from UV light and heat. The texture is thick but liquidy and absorbs quickly.  It has a strong herbal scent, but not irritating. 

Main ingredient and function:

- Rhubarb -- main whitening ingredient in the Snowise line, suppresses melanin from forming, brightens dull skin, improves metabolism 
- Morus Alba -- detoxifies
- White Ginseng polysaccharide extracts restores skin vitality
- Hedyotis Diffusa extracts stimulates skin's natural circulation, returning a clear and bright complexion

- Other ingredients -- concentrated Korea herbs that whitens your skin, stimulates blood circulation, drain away toxic impurities, keep your skin balanced

For whitening products, you usually see results in ~6 months time. I had only been using this whitening serum for ~2 months and my acne marks visibly lightened. For best results, wrap your face with your palm immediately after applying it, so the heat from your hand can help the serum absorb faster.

Steps: Snowise Balancing Water --> Snowise Whitening Serum

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