Saturday, September 13, 2014

Biotherm Aquasource Nuit Deep Hydrating Jelly

50mL, $42 USD, $50 CAD

The light blue jelly is used as a night moisturizer 
It spreads easily and melts into your skin !!
It smells sweet (like a fruit), hey it can give you a sweet dream =)
You just need 1-2 pumps and it's enough to cover the entire face

Our skin goes through a repairing cycle at night time
This process uses a lot of water and nutrients
I do not find that just using this product alone, is enough for the repairing cycle
I usually use it as a base at night then follow with another thicker moisturizer on top
You could just try using this one and see how you feel.. everyone is different

However, I recommend you to use it during winter time and at NIGHT only
I tried using this product during the summer time and it's a little too much..
It feels a little greasy...

This product does contain alcohol...
So.. you might want to consider before trying it
Those with sensitive skin should definitely try the tester or get a sample before buying

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