Monday, July 9, 2012

Skinfood Lettuce and Cucumber Emulsion

135 mL, 9000 won, $195 HKD

Ingredients: Lettuce and Cucumber extracts, Vitamin A & C, lavender, sesame seed oil

Light gel texture, quite runny and easy to spread, very easy to absorb~~
My skin feels hydrated and transparent.
feels a bit "wet"... so it takes awhile to dry up
Even though it contains sesame seed oil, I can't feel any greasiness at all!!

It smells refreshing and clean~
Same as the toner, this product is packaged using a glass bottle, so when you pour the product out, it's cold ha ha

Suitable for any skin type that lacks water.
Although I don't have dry skin, but normal to oily skin type still needs hydration~
Each time I used it, I feel like my skin just drank water~~ feels super good!!!
This product only provides hydration, it's doesn't provide enough moisture. 
I recommend using it in the morning or during the summer.
You can also use it as a primer, so your foundation will stick to your face more.

This is one of my favourite emulsions!!

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