Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baviphat Sunny Lady Whitening SUN Fresh for Pure Skin (SPF 50+/PA+++)

45 mL, 12800 won

Recently I found out Baviphat has a whitening sunscreen product!

Since whitening is my main concern, I definitely wanna give it a try!!
SPF 50 and PA+++ is enough to protect me against UVA and UVB

SPF 15 protects 93% of UVB and SPF 30 protects 97% of UVB
anything above SPF 30 will only protect 1-2% more... 
SPF 25 is recommended, but I like to go with the higher SPF to get the most protection as possible. 

PA + protects sensitive skin against low to medium UVA
PA ++ protects normal skin against medium UVA
PA +++ protects normal skin against very strong UVA

Milky white, light cream, easy to spread
it doesn't make my face too oily
after application my face looks a bit transparent

The same line also has sunscreen for oily skin (AC Trouble skin - aim at acne) and dry skin (Watery Sun - aim at hydration)

The most annoying thing about sunscreen is... when you are outside, you have to reapply every 1-1.5 hrs... 
Different sunscreen also has different functions....
some people who sweat a lot will need water resistant sunscreen, same as people who do water sports, meaning they can be in water for 40-60 mins
People with dry skin can use the blue one above, which contains water drops for hydration
There's also a specific sunscreen for acne, one for redness prevention, one whitening, one for sensitive skin and one for babies...

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