Sunday, July 15, 2012

Etude House Vitamin C O2 White Capsule Cream

50 mL, 15000 won

The white capsule cream (1st generation) contains blue beads, the 2nd generation contains gold beads~~ 

The 1st generation white capsule cream is quite sticky and greasy... not good for combination oily skin.. it just feels heavy... I can only use it at night time...however when I wake up the next day, it still feels greasy... meaning it didn't really absorb at all....

The 2nd generation feels way better!! very hydrating!! suitable for the summer time~~ I usually only apply cream during the night, but I can use this one during the day without any heaviness... it feels non-greasy and fresh!! 

It contains Arbutin and Oxygen, helps your skin look brightened and healthy!! It also has a lemon smell that comes from Vitamin C. The gold beads contain Vitamin E, which helps with anti-aging, anti-oxidizing, repairing breakout/pimple marks and suntanned skin, moisturising, preventing melanin from forming. 

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