Monday, July 16, 2012

Etude House Vitamin C O2 White Mask Sheet

9800 won/box, 4 sheets/box

My supplier send me 2, got it for free when entering Etude House in Korea!

The size of the mask isn't too small.... it's in 2 pieces, top and bottom

top﹕ 24 cm x 13cm
bottom﹕ 24cm x 9.5 cm

24 cm isn't too bad, but don't know why it feels so small.....  
most sheet masks are ~25-26 cm wide...
wow... that 1-2cm really does make a difference!!

The only mask I've tried that's split into top and bottom is the Laneige Water Bank Mask Sheets.
I've tried many whitening sheet masks... for most of them, after using it, your face will look obviously white and healthy, but it can only last ~1 day....
I suggest using it for emergency purposes, or using it prior to a date =)

The sheet mask contains a light lemon scent that comes from Vitamin C, it's non-irritating, but still..... people who have sensitive skin should be careful using this product.
I love the packaging!! It has snow~~ I love snowflakes ha ha

Overall, I am pretty happy with the result, I will consider buying it again.

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