Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Etude House Aqua Drop Sun Guard SPF 33 PA++

70mL, 8500 won

Sunscreen is so important!! 
You basically have to include it in your day time skincare routine.
UV rays can cause huge damages to your skin.... 
including... wrinkles, dark spots, lost of firmness, lost of collagen, expansion of blood vessels, aging, makes your skin rough and dull and can even cause skin cancer!!

Even though sunscreen is important, but I still hate to use it... 
mainly because most sunscreens are cream texture 
My skin is oily enough... I can't afford to use any more heavy products to make my skin uncomfortable throughout the day... 
I've tried many sunscreen...even the oil-free ones make my skin so oily... 

Sunscreen usually comes in a few different forms...
sun cream, sun milk and sun spray
I like using sun spray the most!! But it's hard to spray it evenly on my face...

I tried to use SPF foundation or BB cream as much as possible so I can skip the sunscreen itself

This is one of my favourite sunscreens!!!
Milky and smoothy texture, very easy to spread!!
Contains aloe vera, which helps to absorb UV rays, prevents red spots from forming
It contains a bit of pinkish sparkling powder to bring radiance to your skin~

There's water drops!! so you can protect and hydrate your skin at the same time!!! 

It also has water resistant function, even if you need to go into water, you wouldn't need to reapply it right away!

The water moisture doesn't evaporate easily, so if you sweat like crazy, it'll be fine~
It looks a bit white when I applied it to my face, but this is a feature for a lot of the sunscreens~~

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