Friday, July 20, 2012

Laneige Sun Block Aqua SPF 35 PA++

70 mL, I forgot how much....

Ingredients include Beta-Glucan -- helps detoxify your skin, prevent yours skin from harmful sunlight
Suitable for any skin type and daily use. 

Targets dry skin or those who works in air-conditioned environment and needs hydration

PA ++ protects normal skin against medium UVA

Sunscreen is water-based and makes water drops!!

If you apply it before your foundation, it helps your foundation sticks to your face better
light in texture, non-oily, absorbs fast.
It wouldn't dry out your face nor make your face so white like the other sunscreens do....
A lot of sunscreen make you look like a ghost... super white....

Most water drop sunscreen are for dry skin, but hey although I have combination oily skin, I am still scared of being dried up from the sun....
In this case, hydration is really important to me... 
This sunscreen gives a cooling effect
Since it contains water drops, you can't smudge it onto your face, you need to pat it on.. 

There's 4 sunscreens in this line

Laneige Sun Block Aqua SPF 35 PA++
Laneige Sun Block High Lasting SPF 50 PA++
Laneige Sun Block Triple SPF 40 PA++
Laneige Sun Block Oil Free SPF 35 PA++

As a side note, please remember to apply your sunscreen ~15 mins before you go out
If you are outside for long, reapply sunscreen every 1-1.5 hrs

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