Saturday, November 3, 2012

Skinfood Vita Juice Hand Essence

50mL, 3700 won, $65 HKD

It smells like gummy bears or Orange Creamsicles =P
The main ingredient is Vitamin E, which has strong anti-oxidizing and anti-aging effect
The name of the product is rather confusing....
For skincare, you would follow with a moisturizer after using an essence
But for hands... it doesn't seem necessary...

Ffeeee creamy texture, not thick, absorbs fast

A lot of hand creams will moisturizes at the surface, meaning after you wash your hands, they will get dry AGAIN... 
but for this one it actually absorbs right into your hands
It feels soft and clean! 
This is not super moisturising, but just enough moisture to keep my hands in good shape!! 
Although I have dry hands, I would stay away from hand creams that are too rich or too greasy.. it just causes a big mess on my keyboard and things I touch... 

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