Monday, November 26, 2012

Shiseido Rosarium Rose Hair Pack

220 g, ~1200 yen

I bought this in Japan. 
After trying the Rose Body Lotion, I decided to try their hair pack
I can smell the elegant rose scent as soon as I opened the lid!! The smell is strong !!
However, once you applied it on your hair, the smell gets absorbed and will be lightened...
What is left on my hair is lighter than what I first smelled, which is ok...
I don't think I wanna smell very "rosy" anyways... ha ha

The color is light pink, texture is half opague
Since I am a lazy person, I use this like how I use a conditioner, but just leave it on longer... ~10 mins, these 10 mins are just enough for me to shower ~~

Normally you would wash your hair, dry it and apply the hair pack on damp hair, wrap with a towel and wait ~15 mins, this gives your hair enough time to absorb the nutrients in the hair pack, then wash off with warm water.

My hair feels so soft and smooth!!!
I've tried both moisturising and refreshing hair mask
I wouldn't say this one is moisturising.. cause it wouldn't do a lot for people with damaged or dry hair
For normal to oily hair, this would be ok... since it was made for normal to oily hair anyways

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