Thursday, November 22, 2012

Etude House Moistfull Massage Mask 3 in 1

180 mL, 7000 won

The above pic was from Google, I have two 30 mL size tubes, so didn't buy a full size

This was from the Cream + Massage mask set I bought for $9 USD  

Light pink gel, water based and thick in texture
Contains Baobab extract which provides lots of hydration, so you skin looks smooth and soft
It also has calming and soothing effects for sun tanned skin...

This 3 in 1 mask has 3 function:
1. massage
2. hydration mask

3. sleeping mask

1. Massage Gel
wash your face then dry, take a suitable amount, massage on your face for 2-3 mins then wash

you will feel fully hydrated and fresh! massaging onto your face helps your skin to absorb the water moisture better 

2. Hydration mask
wash your face then dry, apply a thick later onto your skin, wash after 10-15 mins
as a hydration mask, this does provide lots of hydration, but it will dry fast... skin feels sticky... I suggest using it as a sleeping mask

3. Sleeping mask
wash your face then dry, apply a thick later onto your skin, go to sleep, wash it off the next morning
good things about it is that the next day, your make up foundation goes on super easy and any pressed powder or dry powder will not be flaky at all

This 3 in 1 mask is highly interesting!!
I combined 1. and 3. together.. massaging only my face and leave on as a sleeping mask
It really feels sooo good!!!
Hydration is very important, if your skin is dry, wrinkles are easy to form!!

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