Friday, November 9, 2012

H2O Sea Salt Foaming Body Polish

H2O had this product after they had the Sea Salt Smoother ~~

This is the 1st generation of the H2O Sea Salt Smoother, I reviewed it in my previous post right before this one ~

The Sea Salt Smoother consists of rough salts, if you have gentle skin, you can't scrub too hard, otherwise it hurts.... it also contains massage oil, super soothing and the scent is unique and relaxing!!! You will get a very good sleep after using this product! The only bad thing is that it makes a mess on the bath tub, quite slippery...

The 2nd generation is the H2O Sea Salt Foaming Body Polish.
Packaging is in a tube which is clean and convenient!
The mixture isn't messy at all.. it doesn't contain massage oil, beads are finer but the unique scent is still here. 

I prefer this one over the 1st generation Sea Salt Smoother ~
It does a pretty good job relaxing, exfoliating and smoothing the skin
Somehow the Sea Salt Smoother is a bit too rich for me... 
For some reason, H2O just discontinued this product... 

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