Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shiseido Rose Body Milk

200 mL, ~1200 yen

I bought this from Tokyo, regular price is 1500 yen, but I guess most cosmetic stores have a discount.. so I got it for only 1200 yen !!

The entire Rose series include:

- shampoo
- conditioner
- water mist
- hair pack
- hand cream
- eau de toilette
- essence soap
- body soap
- body milk

The most popular product is the Rose Hand Cream~~

I didn't buy this, cause I am more into Milk hand cream than Rose hand cream....

The body milk has a light rose scent, not strong at all, very attractive!!  The series consist of 6 kinds of rose:  

Ingredients also include Hyaluronic Acid (hydration) and natural plant oilTexture is light and runny, easy to absorb, non-greasy and feels cleanThis is one thing I always like about body milk, since I tend to stay away from thick and oily cream!!

I like using this after shower, the light rose scent that comes out from my body makes me feel very elegant!!  My skin is smooth and soft!! 

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