Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Etude House Moistfull Cream

This is such a good deal!!
Regular price is 13000 won, I saw it in the Incheon airport for $9!!
Plus there is a free 30mL Massage Mask 30mL !!
I really can't resist ~~

Ingredients include Baobab extracts (contact Vitamin A, D, E, F, provides moisture)

The pink line has 2 kinds of Moistfull cream...
1. Whitening + Wrinkle
2. Moisture plus 

Texture is a bit thick than other water based gels I have tried...
Not easy to evaporate, easy to absorb
Suitable for dry skin

I have combination oily skin and I still like it, it really does bring lots of hydration to my skin... 
However, there's still quite a bit of oil on my face and whitening effect isn't obvious
I don't have deep wrinkles, so I can't judge rather it has good wrinkle effects
But for such a good price, I wouldn't expect it does a great job with wrinkles
Scent is a bit strong...
I suggest people with sensitive skin to first try out the tester or samples before buying
For those with dry skin, this cream is definitely a good choice! 

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