Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Baviphat O2 Slimming Peeling Spray

250 mL, 8900 won

I am not exactly sure why I will think there's any relationship between peeling and slimming...
why would a peeling product help slim your body??
You basically spray this on your body (dry surface)
It comes out as a transparent liquid, gently rub on your skin in circles until you see eraser bits
They help remove your dead skin.

Ingredients include sea water which provides hydration and softness
I already have something similar for the face
I was looking for an excuse to get this, so I got it for my body...

After shower, dry your body. Spray this product on your skin and rub in circles gently until you see eraser bits. Keep rubbing gently for ~1 min. Rinse with water.

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