Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Etude House Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand Mask

2000 won/ pack

This hand mask aims to bring moisture to people with dried hands.

it looks like there are 2 steps, but step 2 are plastic gloves... 

1.) wash and dry your hands 
2.) massage some of the essence from the non-woven cloth gloves onto your hands. Refer to the top right picture. Massage with a bit of strength on these special areas.
3.) Put on the gloves for 15-20 mins, make sure no air can get into the gloves

gloves made from non-woven material, it already contains essence to soften and moisturizes your hands

These are plastic gloves which go on top of the non-woven gloves...

put the non-woven gloves on first 

then put on the plastic gloves, wait 15-20 mins, there's a light BB powder smell too!!  

My hands felt like as if I was re-born with BB skin
However, the softness lasted ~2 days
You have to keep using hand cream to keep your hands moisturized

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