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For the month of March, I would be focusing on Sulwhasoo products.

The brand originated ~100 years ago. The founder was assisting her mother to find quality medical herbs and ginseng for her camelia oil. After years of research, and with the development of modern technology, Ginseng and other medicinal herbs were used in several products and Sulwhasoo was born.

In Korean herbal medicine, it is believed that the body's energies change at intervals of 7 years. As vital energies diminish, the skin becomes prone to dryness and dehydration and significantly more vulnerable to the aging process. Sulwhasoo draws from ancient wisdom to restore balance and strengthen the energies that are crucial to younger looking skin. Sulwhasoo formulas foster harmony between body and mind by promoting balance through scents, textures and tactile application. 

Major ingredients: Jaeumdan - a compound that consists of a mixture of 5 medicinal herbs (White Lily, Chinese Peony, Solomon's seal, East Indian Lotus and Adhesive Rehmannia; helps to promote skin balance. 

Jaeumboweedan - consists of 7 medicinal herbs (Honeysuckle, Prunus Amenlaca, Bupleurum, Plantago Asiatica, Lacryma Jobi), works together with Jaeumdan to promote beauty and skin balance

Ginseng - promotes the growth of new skin cells, promotes blood circulation, provides hydration, improve resilience and exfoliate dead skin cells

Essential Line for natural health

The first time I went to Korea, I spend ~$215 USD and bought like 7 Sulwhasoo products from Lotte Duty Free. After using the set for about two weeks, I already saw significant improvement. My skin wasn't as yellow and oily as before. I feel moisturized, hydrated and firmness increased. The smell is herbal, but acceptable. This brand is most reasonable in Korea. In Hong Kong, the price is about 40% more.

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