Thursday, February 20, 2014

Organia Olive Water Drop Essence Hand Cream

50 g, 1500 won

When I went to Korea a few years ago.I bought like 10 of these for myself and gave away ~20 
This time I bought 10 again. 
The only place I could find this is Watson's in Myeongdong, not sure if other Watson's stores have them.

This water drop hand cream is super hydrating!

Suitable for any type of skin.
If you live in a hot area like Asia or California, you probably lose a lot of moisture in your body.
If you live in cold areas like Canada, where it's super dry, you will definitely need this for some hydration.
50 mL is a good size to carry in your purse 

Before I apply the hand cream, there are some fine lines on my hands

Milky white texture, light floral scent

when you pat it around, you'll see water drops!!

pat lightly until all the waterdrops get fully absorbed

fine lines suddenly diminished!!

I feel like there's a thin layer of protection on my skin
very refreshing, non-greasy and light texture
feels like my skin just drank water!!

For me, because I have super dry hands, I need to mix half of it with intensive moisture hand cream

i just put a small dab of each and mix it together then apply it
I give this product a 5 star rating!!

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