Wednesday, May 1, 2013

UGBang Peeling Gel

100mL, 33000 won

My friend bought this for me from Charm & Charm (duty free) 

How to get there....
Take the subway and get off at station 238, take exit #2 then walk straight. You will see a big bowling ball, keep walking straight until you hit the intersection. There are 2 buildings across, Hotel 7 KB, do not cross, turn left and keep walking straight (there's a Family Mart on the left), on the way there's a shop that sells Red Ginseng. You will see Charm & Charm from there. Takes 5-10 mins.

UGBang stands for Unlimited Ginseng Benefit

Ingredients: Red ginseng, royal jelly, aloe, vitamins & minerals

You must apply this product on dry skin, not wet skin!
Take about 2-3 pumps and massage with your fingers onto your face for ~2 mins

You will see white eraser bits, they "erase" or remove your dead skins
If eraser bits become grey, that means your face is quite dirty.. and you do need to work hard on keeping your skin in shape!!

Remember to exfoliate a little longer on your T-zone and nose, places where blackheads grow

Wash with warm water, eraser bits will melt right away.
Your skin will feel soft and clean but not dry!!  
Follow with skincare. 
Recommend 2-3x/week.

Although it contains ginseng, but the scent isn't strong at all
You don't really see scrubs in Korea brands anymore.. cause scrubs are to go into your pores and dig the impurities out... but isn't good for your skin...
Lots of Korea brands switch to the "eraser" concept~~

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