Saturday, May 4, 2013

UGBang Aqua Cream

50g, 33000 won

Milky white aqua cream that contains red ginseng extracts. Compared to the Peeling Gel, this one has a much stronger ginseng scent!! Provides intense hydration and according to the description, should brighten dull skin ~

This is a water drop cream, non greasy, thin in texture. 
Take a bit and pat it on DRY skin, you will see the water drops! 
The water drop concept is very popular in Korea! 
The Aqua Cream helps to turn dry skin into hydrated skin, improves bottom layers of your skin, brings firmness, and recovers radiance. 

Once i was in a rush, so right after I apply the Aqua Cream, I put BB cream on my face.. 
man.. the 2 can't mix together!! 
It's just like I am applying watery BB cream...
so I suggest to wait 2 mins until the cream is dry to apply your make up

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