Tuesday, May 7, 2013

UGBang Sleeping Pack

50g, 33000 won

According to Asians, this brand is one of the must buy brands in Korea... 
Every single product in this brand consists of ginseng, which can increase blood circulation, repair damaged skin and improves dark eye circles. 

Ingredients: Arbutin, Red Ginseng extracts, natural herb extracts, green tea 

First clean and dry your face, apply toner and follow with a thick layer of UGBang Sleeping Pack before you go to bed. 
The next day you wake up, wash with warm water. Use 2x/week.

Not only it helps to repair, it also helps to relax your skin and let it rest after a long tired day...
The sleeping mask provides a lot of hydration and gives your skin a nice SPA!!

It has a heavy red ginseng scent but it makes your skin soft and fully hydrated!!
It feels like as if my skin drank water for a whole night!! 
After using it, your make up will stick to your face very well!!

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