Monday, April 29, 2013

Mandom Corp. Deep Current Facial Wash

100 g, $18 HKD

Mand. Corp is a really big Japanese brand
Price is good, quality is awesome!!
I tried their Charcoal Deep Cleansing Foam and fell in love with it!!
It's makes my face super clean and refreshing!!
This time I bought the Deep Current Facial Wash~
It contains a good amount of water, but it's not a cleansing gel~
like.. between gel and foam...
It cleanses really well yet wouldn't dry my face!
It has a light marine scent and my skin feels a little cool afterwards
I am just not quite happy with the size....
somehow 100g seems too little... 
Next time I will for sure try the other products in the line~

The complete series include....
Charcoal Facial Wash  
Deep Current Facial Wash  
Clay Facial Wash  
Green Tea Facial Wash  

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